December Photo Project ~Days 7&8

Day 7~ I was crazy rushed yesterday so I didn’t get to write a post~ The husband and I go to 1 Christmas party a year and it was last night. I had a Latin quiz in school, dropping off children in places, running last minute errands, you know the drill. While I was getting ready, Kendra and her BFF Hevin and I were talking, they were making suggestions about my shirt, I was rolling up Hevin’s sleeves when she said “you look like an older version of me, we should take a picture!” So we did and grabbed Kendra for it as well.



For those of you who don’t know, the girl holding my phone is Hevin and Kendra is the young lady in red and blue. While I am wearing my favorite colors: Pink and Black.

Day 8~

I snapped this photo on my way to UA and loved the colors and the peak of sunshine. Living in Ohio, we have just 2 days more of sunshine than Seattle, WA. Can you imagine that? Plus I get to do lots of snow with the rain and cloudiness…

Ok, well it is back to the grind of studying for finals~ I’m tired of this semester!!!!


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