December Photo Project Day 5~


I know that you all want to know just what homeschooler’s have on their dry ease boards right? It is a brief look into a family’s home almost as private as their bedrooms~ My kids are very creative and you just never know what is going to be on the board. I’ve been helping the Ark learn how to write a comparison paper (remember he is my moderately dsylexic child). So we decided to compare JFK with Abraham Lincoln. Well that has started some lively discussions of who is the better President. I say JFK and The Ark says Abraham Lincoln. He would like you all to weigh in and give your opinions if you could drop us a note when you visit us here.

At the bottom of our example of how to make a chart to write out comparisons, you will see the Peanut’s drawings and I have no idea what they are, as he did them last night after I went to bed sick with some GI flu…..But if you look closely you will see DMSDR, they are short for remembering the steps in long division that Ace still struggles with, but this seems to have helped him immensely. I hope you enjoyed the brief peak into our homeschooling life and will take a moment to vote for your favorite President. It will give the Ark something to add to his paper and practice his writing šŸ˜‰


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