October’s Pinterest Challenge: Nailed It or Failed It~


Ok, so I know it is November and not October but seriously, homeschooling and Biopsychology is draining me to my last drop of functionality. This month I decided to go with something easy and because it is Autumn and apple season here in Ohio, you get two for the price of one!!!! I made sliced apples dipped in pancake batter and then fried, and I made sliced apples that are soaked in Sprite and they stay pretty looking and don’t turn brown!

I started this project by stopping by my favorite place to shop on my way home from UA yesterday: The Mustard Seed it is the nicest organic/natural food store besides Trader Joe’s here. I love shopping there by myself on a Sunday afternoon, it has a nice atmosphere and the workers are friendly. I picked up some produce, since I’m having stomach issues, I am trying to eat as organically as possible and it does seem to help me although it is slow in improving me.  

So this morning, while it was just the Grandbaby, Peanut and myself, I decided to get this project done and out of the way, not to mention I have a horrible habit of not eating before school on MWF I don’t get home until almost 2pm, this is a problem! Just let me tell you I love apples and the organic ones just taste so much better than gmo/sprayed ones do.

First up: sliced apples! I refuse to buy sliced apples that are preserved in God only knows what….so when I found out that I could soak apples in either Sprite/7UP or ginger ale and they would stay good, I had to try it for myself. So I grabbed a bottle of Sprite from the pop machine at UA and brought it home. Sliced up my organic apples and dumped them into a bowl…..*side note make sure you have enough to COVER your apples. IT WORKED!!!!! and I’m so happy!!! although I would like to try soaking them in a natural gingerale as I don’t like Sprite all that much. Oh you want pictures?

I would advise you cutting out any bruised parts and getting the core out as well as those parts did turn slightly brown. Oh yes, you may be wondering why I don’t just use lemon juice? I can no longer tolerate the acid in lemons at all.

The first prep picture~

Please ignore the dirty wall, of course I didn’t notice it until I uploaded this picture…….

Ok, so I didn’t have milk and substituted with coconut milk, added vanilla extract and then sprinkled cinnamon sugar on them after they were done. I will tell you that I think that Bob’s Red Mill’s Gluten Free Pancake Mix is salty and a bit gritty but seemed ok after they were cooked. I liked the apple stuffed pancakes and three held me until I got home today at 4:00pm. The Ark liked them as did Ace, I’m not sure about the Princess or Peanut as I had left for UA before they tried them. So at least I have two things to eat now, in my ever dwindling food supply.

I did get 4 avocados for 2/1.00 so for $2 I have four organic avocados……very happy camper, now if they would just get ripe. So now I do think I ~

Go on!!! You know you want to see what everyone else has done this month!!!! Oh yes it has been a few days since soaking those apples and they lasted for days!!! The kids forgot they were in the refrigerator so now I know it works well….


12 thoughts on “October’s Pinterest Challenge: Nailed It or Failed It~

  1. I am so excited to hear that Sprite works. I would never want to waste a whole bottle of lemon juice to pour over them but I could handle a can of Sprite. I would love to be able to cut up apples and preserve them for road trips and picnics. The other recipe looks good too. NAILED IT!

    • Hi Tressa,
      No I didn’t know i would buy a powder of Vitamin C but I can’t do Vit. C anymore either, probably why I can’t tolerate lemons……my GI system is a mess lately.

  2. Cool! I am glad for the review of the Bob’s GF Pancake Mix. I haven’t tried it yet. You know, you can buy a powder in the canning aisle that will keep your apples from browning also. It is just ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). It keeps the apples from browning and you get your Vit. C daily allowance. 🙂

  3. Glad you found something you can use to keep your apples. The apple stuffed pancake sounds really yummy! Did the apples soften up? I use orange juice on our apples. The taste is awesome,but you can’t have OJ. 😦

    • Yes, they did as long as they weren’t sliced to thick, OJ~ I miss it so much. I can eat one small clementine a day when they are in season but more than that = a sick Rose

  4. I am so impressed with the sprite trick! How long did you soak them in it? That is just amazing. I will try that soon. The apple pancakes look pretty delish too. Nailed it!

    • I soaked them for about 30 minutes while I was making the fried apples, I just put them in the refrigerator then bagged them up. I found a bag late Thursday night and they were still good, so I ate them. that was 3.5 days later!!!! So happy with this method……

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