Pinterest: Nailed It or Failed It, September Project

So I have already changed the journal I had planned to use since I was afraid it would yellow and since I don’t plan to be done with this for a while, sucked it up and bought the Smash book with the pink cover……I’m still trying to get the hang of this new form of journaling/scrapbooking.  I am tending to scrapbook a bit too much still but hope that in time it will get better. I have never scrapbooked the Princess baby photos and decided the best way to start this book was to begin there. I hope she will one day realize that the bible verse on the page it true and that I did pray to have a baby girl just like her……

Then of course I had to add my favorite photo of her that I took when she was two weeks old:

I knew that she would be coming any day after Christmas and had so wanted to keep the tree up until she was born, but it was dying so finally on January 15, we took it down and then lo and behold I was on my way to bed at 11pm only to have the first contraction at 12am. It was bitterly cold that night, as I called Diane the Godmother to all my kids to help. I was already wanting to push and telling her to hurry the heck up!!!! She got there and it was only an hour and half later she was born!!! Less than 2 and a half hours of labor!!!! I hadn’t had an ultrasound but knew that this baby was a girl and was checking as soon as I got my hands on her and of course I was right!!!!

This page had writing on it and I just had to use it so it became the page to commemorate the tree and the snow the night Princess was born……. I have dug out other pictures and things to put in the book, like the Baptismal Hankerchief and the church bulletin for her Baptism, as well as photos of being welcomed into God’s family! I have so much I want to say and put into the book, it might span into many books for her. I like this because it is a bit faster for me than scrapbooking and I can do so much more with it in the long run. I will revisit this in a few months and let you see how I progress, but it may not be until Christmas as first i have to get through this semester and take the damn GRE and get my applications in for Grad school……

I feel that I  


Now go check out my friends who amazingly are still following through with this bit of craziness


7 thoughts on “Pinterest: Nailed It or Failed It, September Project

    • Yes, I am writing some of it but I’m wanting to write the whole birth story on a piece of pretty paper and stick it in an envelope so that she knows a few of the more personal things that I left out of it here…..
      Thanks, I’m thinking that once I get over my fear of writing I will do a much better job! I think that is why I like scrapbooking so much, very small writing bits.

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