My maybe Pinterest Project this month.

I say maybe because, as per usual, I”m stressed for time and waited until today to order the darn item I need to start this project. I have been following this blog and she has some fabulous ideas for journaling. It has been a long held desire/thought that I would start a journal of things I want my Princess/Artist to know, quotes, bible verses, poems, photos, drawings that I do, memories of my family and her dad’s. I love journaling and want it to be 3d!!!! So with that in mind I set out looking for the perfect journal to buy for her. Well I found one at Family Christian Stores that is perfect for her. I had a coupon and am having it shipped to the store for free, so this investment is only $8.77!!! Love it!!!! Now I wait to see if it comes in time to get something into it by Friday to show you all!!!! Obviously, it will be an ongoing project that I will revisit at times but I really wanted to start this now before I never did. I have the book called The Decorated Page which is so much what I am envisioning for this project.


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