A very long week

This week has been/is so long!!! I drive 50 minutes one way to the Univ. of Akron Sunday through Friday every week this semester. This week, I have a workshop from 5:20pm -10pm so after Latin I headed to the Student Union and had an ok 6″ subway sandwich for brunch. I have almost 3 hours before the workshop starts and then it will be 5 hours before I get home, only to do it tomorrow morning at 8am to 6pm, I will leave at 6:45 and get home about 7pm. Then of course there is the start of the next week of school on Sunday. All told I will drive to UA for 13 days in a row before I get a break!!!!!. I’m tired!!!! and not sleeping the best.

I have lost 8# and as of this morning was keeping it off in spite of eating horridly the past two weeks. I now fit into my size 12 jeans!!! they are a bit tight but so much more comfortable than my size 14’s that now need a belt and fall off of me! and my belt is now too big, so I will have to buy a new one if I need to wear said 14’s.

This week started fall semester of art lessons for the Princess/Artist!!! She is happy to be back to art and her teacher is happy to have her back!!! It was also the start of 9 weeks of swim team for the boys and swim lessons for the littles. Plus the littles sing in the choir at church now. So that is one more thing I have to do as well. Come on mid-December!!!!

I have an Pinterest project picked out but can’t decide if I will have time to start it this week. It requires me ordering it online and then picking it up at the store since I”m too cheap to pay for shipping if I don’t have to…. so we will see how it all goes, I might have to pick another project but I already have an October project picked as well……creating a problem in my limited time……

Other than that, life is fine when nothing breaks down or no one is sick. we had to buy a new washer this week as it was $300 in parts alone and we weren’t sure that would even totally fix the problem. So we bought a new front load washer and it is huge and we love it. It is a Maytag, 4.7 cubic feet of washing room, a sanitizing cycle which I love since I have kids and a cat who likes to go outside. We hopefully will be able to wash less loads per week saving us eventually on utilities…..Ace went down and came up and asked us why the washer was 50′ in the air?!!!! we had also bought the pedestal drawer for it so we could save our backs and that was a great buy on our part!!! The delivery guys got to put the over 200# washer on the pedestal not us πŸ˜‰

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! It is finally almost quiet here in the Student Union!!! I might be able to study for a few now. Have a blessed day!!!


One thought on “A very long week

  1. Rose, I always get exhausted reading your posts πŸ™‚ You lead quick a hectic life.
    congrats on the weight loss. I just went *up* to a size 12 and I am not happy about it. Funny how a 12 can be exciting to one person and frustrating to another.
    Love your new washer!

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