PInterest Challege~ Month 2

So do you remember what I said I was doing this month? Let me refresh your memory So after working on this for a little over a month! I am not sure how I feel about the whole thing~ I have no idea what my starting weight was although i did buy a scale, and bought one that had fairly good reviews only to have it not be accurate~I got on it one morning and it said I gained 5# so I stepped off made sure nothing was underneath it and reweighed myself~ back down to what I had been the day before……that has happened more than once in the last month so I really have no idea what I really weigh, not to mention that it is almost that time of the month and I habitually carry 2-3 # of water weight during that time. I do believe that I lost about 5# this month and to be honest, I had more than a few bad days as far as eating went. I am not nearly as hungry now as I was, so I think that is positive. I did wear a dress shirt that was tight and it is now lose on me as are my jeans! so I did make some progress.

I did run into a scary glitch the day the Husband made pot roast in the crockpot for dinner. We had gone on a hike that day, came home and by the time I ate the second bite of roast, my throat started feeling funny, by the third bite I couldn’t swallow or breathe very well. I ended up vomiting the few bites of food, which thankfully loosed up my throat and I could breathe again. Although, I still felt horridly constricted and like a truck ran me over, that night I ended up with a fever and chills. We have no idea what caused it~ was it the beef broth? was the meat bad? was the meat full of injected broth? Who knows? Needless to say for the last week or so, I’ve been slightly hesitant to eat red meat, although this had happened before when I ate chinese food and even chicken. It is obvious that I’m having an allergic reaction to something and it seems to be getting worse. We do not have a family doctor at this point, and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t be trying to find one in the case of needing an epi-pen. So while I am committed to cutting back on my carbs, I have to find lowcarb veggie recipes so I can cut way down on my animal consumption and veggies are darn expensive. Sadly, my budget doesn’t allow much room for pricey food, so I will continue to make adjustments where ever I can to eat less carbs and healthier. Not eating three hours before bed worked ok when I wasn’t in school, however two nights this week I had insomnia from hunger! That is one thing I will not tolerate at all. I need my sleep when I’m commuting 50 minutes one way 6 days a week, homeschooling, studying and raising a family of 5 children and one husband, not to mention the granddaughters that I try to help out with. I have made it to the gym quite a bit until this week with college starting up, but I am powerwalking 3 days a week to and from classes. I am hoping that once I take the gre late Sept. and get my grad school stuff caught up I can get back to the gym 3 days a week consistently. The vitamins and portion control have gone great~ no problems there at all.  My only real issue is still conquering the coca-cola issue…..I was down to 1 can a day and some days none, until I had the reaction to the meat and felt like crap……hoping to get through the next week and start working my way back down and DONE!!!! I was using Sparkpeople years ago to help me in y quest for health, but it seems like such a pain to go through multiples times a day. Somewhere along the line I found an app called LoseIt and I like it much better for tracking my food/exercise. I have it on my computer, iPhone and my Nook, making it so easy to keep up with. Once I’ve logged in whatever I’ve entered follows me magically and easily.  While I may not have eliminated grains/carbs totally every day, I did almost every day stay under my calorie count and that is something impressive. When I took Clinical & Counseling 2 in the Spring, the text stated that the best way to lose weight besides exercising was to keep a food log. It truly does help.

As to whether or not  I nailed it or failed it~ I have mixed emotions~ isn’t there a button for confused or halfway? I will continue to work at it as I still want to lost another 10# at least before the holidays!!!!

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6 thoughts on “PInterest Challege~ Month 2

  1. Giving up soda would be very hard for me. I am sorry you had such a terrible reaction to your dinner! That is awful. You may want to try my cookies. You might like them. Only warm though. Don’t try them cold.

  2. Your allergic reaction sounds so scary! How awful. You can get an allergy test nowadays that just consists of getting a blood draw. We did it for my son when he was convinced he was allergic to cashews. Turns out, he IS allergic to them. Maybe you have an allergy to some obscure ingredient, and you can find out easily. Is there a campus doctor you can see?

    Anyway, I think you did great this month, especially with all you have on your plate.

  3. I have used the LoseIt app to help lose weight and I thought it was very helpful and pretty easy to use. Another blog that I read (The Happy Housewife) has been blogging about how giving up soda and adding an exercise program has drastically changed her life. She has lost 30 pounds in 6 months I think and she wasn’t even trying. She has some good posts over at her blog. I agree that you need a “Indecisive” button!

  4. Your tight clothes are loose? You totally nailed it, Rose! Good for you! Eating right is expensive. I’m trying to tell myself it’s money well spent, but I still want to cry at the checkout counter! So sorry about your allergies; I hope you’re able to find out what you’re allergic to.

    Keep on keeping on! You’re doing great!

    • Thanks Mel, I hadn’t thought of it that way at all, just my frustration of the scale that isn’t consistent, food reactions that scared even me and that is tough to do. I guess, we will all be crying at the checkout counter 😉 at least I’m eating less food, so maybe that will save me a few pennies.

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