August Already?

Well now just how the heck did this happen? I know I’ve been really busy but I’m no where near ready for the start back to school in a few short weeks!!!! I still have so much to do around the house and getting ready for my senior year at UA! I have yet to narrow down my list of grad schools I want to apply for but I do know that I’m applying to these for sure:
1. Case Western
2. Kent State
3. Ohio University
4. Cleveland State
so yeah……the powers that be suggest applying to 10-12 schools!!! so I have to find 8 more that may have a professor that is studying health disparities….I know for sure I need to check out the University of Florida as they do have a prof. who studies that……so I may be up to 5 but that still leaves 7 schools…….Plus the math on the GRE studying is killing me! I’m so tired today that I probably won’t study unless my eyes stop this outrageous burning, and I’ve not been on the computer much lately at all so I have no idea why they hurt so bad.

The Ark had a fabulous time with some small disappointments in New Orleans but he is choosing to focus on the good times, which is a great milestone for him, he used to hold onto his frustrations and I’m hoping he keeps up this trend. He also went through a growth spurt while gone, I had him measured the day before he left at Dr. Yan’s and he was at a very short for his age 4’11” but when I went to give him a hug when he got off the bus, I looked at him and said “You grew!!!” Sure enough I had him back in today and he was 5’1″ so in just a bit over 3 weeks he had grown 2 inches!!! I hope he grows a bit more soon as well, we certainly don’t expect him to be tall but he is hoping to hit at least 5’7″ or 5’8″.

The Princess has gained a whole 4 pounds and now stands at a whooping 52 # at 9 yrs. 6 months.she was 3’11” on July 13. She has finally learned to do all the major strokes in swimming and is in Level 5!!!! We are very proud of her! She also memorized a bible verse last night for a nighttime VBS in just 20 minutes and did so well repeating it that she won a prize and was told that she recited it better than some of the older kids!!! That made her day!

I still need to finalize just what the heck I’m teaching this year to the other kids!!! I think i did work out the Princess but didn’t post it. So I guess that means taking tonight and working on the Ark and The Peanut!!! Oh joy! more school planning to do! I need a rewind button! I think the only thing I need to decide on for the Ark is Language Arts: meaning more grammar or writing or both or writing no grammar is the question in the air! He seems to struggle with organizing his writing, so this is making life so much harder for me to plan. I haven’t even looked at what the Peanut needs to do really! Yuck! I need more sleep for this life of mine.

The Baptism went fine with the exception that the Princess was sick that day and tossed her cookies in the van on the 3 minute drive to the church!!! So I took her back home and put her in bed until the service was over. I did take her to Renee’s for lunch but we didn’t stay long and she camped out in Renee’ bed.

Tomorrow the boys will swim in the Championship Meet, I didn’t put the Princess in as it is a very long day and too crazy for her to swim. The Ark doesn’t even want to swim tomorrow, I think this summer has been a bit much for him with all the activities we have had going on.

I’m looking into getting the boys and possibly the Princess into fall/winter swim team. We will see, depends on time commitment and cost. I am so glad that for the next few weeks I get to sleep in instead of trying to get out of bed by 7:30am. Perhaps some extra sleep will get me to feeling better and then I can accomplish something?

ok, gotta go eat, last night of VBS and I”m tired!!!!


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