Pinterest: Nailed it or Failed It……*edit

So a terrific group of homeschool blogging moms got bored, weren’t blogging and husbands were threatening to redistribute funding for our blogs. so I believe it was Deb over at Not Inadequate who came up with a way to keep our funding going by giving us something to write about………you can see their post by clicking the link at the bottom of my post.
We picked projects off of each others pinterest boards for us to do, take pictures of and actually do.
My project is a beautiful quilled butterfly………

Now you may want to know that while I am very crafty and artistic. I have no idea how to quill paper at all… after perusing the internet for many hours I finally womaned up and ordered quilling paper from the Quilling SuperStore, went to the library and checked out 5 books on quilling and then got to work.

The body~

The body with bottom wings~ notice I change the colors a bit~

The start of the top wings~ again I changed it up a bit.

The finished butterfly~

Now, I will tell you that quilling something from a photo without a pattern is hard! you have no measurements to go by, all of those paper swirls blend together after awhile. So that is why my butterfly while it resembles the one I pinned, is nothing like the original. I am pleased with the outcome though, and will be putting it in some type of frame and giving it to my granddaughter Nigella for her baptism. We have a tradition in my church that when a baby gets baptized the parents put a felt butterfly on a banner that hangs in the sanctuary, they are sent the butterfly when they turn 3 and start sunday school. So it seemed most appropriate to give this project away as a gift. I plan on putting Nigella’s name and her baptismal date on the paper as well.

I think I will do more quilling as I have the time, but am really going to have to use patterns for awhile until I get the hang of it, as otherwise this craft can be very frustrating to attempt.Now go read about everyone else’ Pinterest challenge!!!

Thanks Kristy for asking for more details! Once the paper is put in whatever shape you need, you have to use some sort of glue to attach it to the background. I wanted something with a very fine point and decided to try a glue pen for scrapbooking by ZIG Memory System. it goes on blue and dries clear if a bit shiny in places. It does clog up very quickly though, which led to lots of frustration let me tell you.


12 thoughts on “Pinterest: Nailed it or Failed It……*edit

  1. NAILED IT! Nice work Rose. So pretty. What a special gift for your granddaughter.
    How to you adhere the strips to the paper? What kind of adhesive do you use?

  2. That is beautiful! I love how it turned out. I think quilling looks so pretty, but I am I intimidated by it. I think that would look great in a frame. You nailed it!

    • Don’t be it is after all only paper and fairly cheap at that! You may want to save doing it though until you are not swamped with raising children 😉

  3. Rose! It’s BEAUTIFUL. I am completely blown away. I can’t believe that you’ve never done it before, it looks so amazing! Gosh, I might want to give this a try too….

  4. Beautiful! We did some simple quilling at VBS when I was in fifth grade. I so enjoyed it. Funny that I remember it from so long ago and haven’t done it since!

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