Ace’s 6th Grade Plan~

So in order to try to get Ace to be a bit more responsible and active in his education, I promised aka bribed him with lunch from Subway if he would go over his schoolwork with me.  So today was that day!  Lunch was bought, The Ark went off to his friend’s, the husband packed up the littles to the park and running errands. While I got to go through the books from May that we hadn’t finished and decide what we needed to work on and explaining why Ace must finish learning about division and Latin!!!!!

We decided  what math lessons were important and needed practice and which lessons he could just watch the video and not have to do the lessons. I am good with him just understanding some of the concepts without driving him crazy performing them for a week, thus making him hate math even more. So if he can maintain our plan he will be caught up by next summer in math! I’m so praying we don’t run into any glitches!

The Latin discussion was horrid, as he really doesn’t want  to learn it but here is where i put my proverbial foot down! Since our language is made up of Latin roots he will learn it whether or not he wants to. He does however want to learn French in high school, he will learn Latin first!  I gave him the book so he will start learning to translate simple Latin sentences this year and maybe that will help him remain interested.

He liked most of the books I picked out for him to read this year, and we decided on a new writing program: Jump In: A workbook for Reluctant and Eager Writers. It is fairly cheap at $28 for both TM and Student, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting tons of money.

So I guess it would be easier to give you a brief rundown:

  • Math: finishing up Delta and moving on to Epsilon in MUS, skipping any lessons that he really doesn’t need to have mastery over.
  • Language Arts: Jump In for writing, Outlining Book 2, finishing up his grammar book from this year, Reading Detective: Beginning. Sequential Spelling Book B.
  • Foreign Lang: Latin for Children B, we never got to it last year, so it is on the list for this year.
  • Readers:
  1. If You Sailed on the Mayflower
  2. Vostaas: White Buffalo’s Story of Plain Indian Life
  3. Squanto Friend of the Pilgrims
  4. Pocahontas and the Strangers
  5. The Gray Eyes Family
  6. If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution
  7. If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution
  8. Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia
  9. Mr. Revere and I
  10. The Matchlock Gun
  11. George Washington
  12. Meet Thomas Jefferson
  13. Robert Fulton: Boy Craftsman
  14. Diary of an Early American Boy
  15. Mr Tucket
  16. Call Me Francis Tucket
  17. Tucket’s Ride
  18. The Perilous Road
  19. Shades of Gray
  20. The Story of Thomas Alva Edison
  21. Hero Over Here
  22. Mary on Horseback
  23. The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
  24. Twenty and Ten
  • Science: Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology, and he will be doing the workbook with it.
  • History: Story of the USA: books 1-4.
  • Art: Haven’t a clue yet, maybe Drawing Basics by Thomas Kinkade
  • Phys. Ed: probably putting him and the Ark on a swim team for the practice and exercise.

I think that should be enough for the moment, although, as he finishes stuff from last year, I may start him on something new this year~ like Vocabulary From Classical Roots……He seems fairly accepting of the plan, let’s hope it works.


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