We had this past week off from swim lessons with only swim team practice a much needed respite!!!! Sadly, The Princess and Adrien ended up with heat exhaustion after the fourth of July…..We took them to the Lakewood City Parade since Renee was dressing up as Big Bird~ she also ended up with heat exhaustion. We had quite a few days of 90+ degrees and just aren’t used to it here in NE. Ohio. I took the kids to see the fireworks that night and then home to a steamy hot house. We only have 2 room air conditioners and one wasn’t even in the window yet!!!! It is now 😉 The little ones have been camping out in my bed when the Husband is at work, since it is so hot.

Today~ I went to Half-Price books to look for any of the books on the list for an in kind donation for the Ark to take to New Orleans and they had none!!!!! I also picked up a 3 piece luggage set since we don’t own any. Had a talk with the Ark about his feelings towards how girls dress. He is very prudish in his expectations of dress. I’m proud of him and how important modesty is to him, but I need to talk about how we should not judge people by their clothing.

I did get a few books for us to read and one great buy was a GRE Math book, another was Anne Frank beyond the diary. The Ark will read The Diary of Anne Frank this year for school, so it seemed a good buy for $.99. The Ark also found 3 books he said he would read and that is good news to this mother’s ears! He hates reading because of his dyslexia, so anytime he finds something he will read I’m a happy mom.

I paid a few bills today… least favorite thing to do but I am desperately hoping that I will stop having stressful dreams about all this stuff in my mind tonight. The other night I dreamed I was graduating and bought the wrong color Cap and Gown!!!!!! I have 62 grad programs to weed through online and narrow down to 10-12 for applying to by Dec. 01, 2012!!!!! I also need to write up a curriculum vita and redo my resume, I lost the one I had on my old computer!!!!

The Peanut found that two of our sweet potatoes had sprouted and one of them was growing by over 8 inches, so we did what any homeschooling parents would do and planted it in the garden that never got started this year due to lack of funds and time. I hope it grows well.

The camera I ordered for the Ark to take to New Orleans came yesterday, now we only need the memory card! I hope it gets here before Friday or I will be buying him a new one to take with him. We bought him the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 Waterproof/Shockproof/Freezeproof……you can take underwater photos with it and I can’t wait to try it with the kids! I won’t be taking any underwater shots until after he comes back though just to be sure.

Story from the 4th of July~ when we were leaving the fireworks, we had to cut across a huge crowd of people which is almost impossible. So The Ark was pulling the wagon and he just keep on moving, He is pretty buff right now because of swim team, so we just fell in line behind him. I overheard a man say follow that boy with the wagon!!!! I looked and it was a man, wife and young son! I laughed at him and said that’s my son! He couldn’t believe how easily The Ark was cutting a path through the crowd! At 14, he has an aura of manhood and he is not very tall either.

Oh well, I want to watch Sherlock Holmes 2 before I have to return it to the Red Box……


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