New Orleans Bound

The Senior High youth raised $20,000 for their trip to New Orleans in just 1 year!!!! I am so very proud of all them as well as my son The Ark who is going with them. Our cost = $150. and whatever time and donations for dinners or bake sales…..not a bad price. I am so excited for him to be going. Yesterday we had one last meeting and have a tentative schedule for the week although many details are still up in the air. Here is what I know now:

  • He leaves on July 14~ time to be determined.
  • He arrives in New Orleans on July 15~ it is app. 23 hours of being driven in a bus
  • They get there, check in, shower, stretch out, go out for food, devotions, bed by midnight
  • July 16~ Continental breakfast, sightseeing~TBD, nap, dinner, evening activities, devotions, bed
  • July 17~ same as July 16,
  • July 18~ Breakfast at Cafe du Monde, trek to Superdome to re-register for the National Youth Gathering. evening~ Gathering activites: Tailgating, Opening Dome, Community Life, Final Fifteen, back to hotel
  • July 19-21: The Ark’s group is listed as purple, and the only thing I know about that is that on Friday they will be practicing Justice, I know that one day is a service project day, when they will be out in the community doing work. Evening events are the same as above.
  • July 22~ Closing Worship Ceremony~ board bus for home
  • July 23~ arrive home at some time

I still have to get him a few things:

  1. A hat
  2. Super strong waterproof sunscreen
  3. bug spray
  4. sunglasses
  5. and I have to make him a student id card~ so he can get into tourist stuff with a student discount~ using PEAH for that
  6. A waterproof camera~ I can’t afford the nikon coolpix but will get him this

Before I know it he will be getting on that bus and I will be requesting prayers for safe travel and for the Ark to come home renewed by the Holy Spirit. He is very excited about going as am I.


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