On Fridays we babysit the granddaughter~ Jelly, I tried to get Renee to let us call her Gigi but she hates that name, so Jelly it is. Daycare is outrageous at $199 a week so Renee is off on Thursdays, and then we get her on Fridays. This cuts down day care to $135. a week which is still not great but definitely better. Oh yes, just a brief pet peeve~ our child support agency is very subjective and only gave my daughter credit for paying $300 dollars in daycare per month. I think that worker should be fired for playing favorites. It is tough in so many ways for a single parent these days.

She woke Renee up at 5am this morning~ so she went to sleep right after a bottle of formula.

Here she is eating an early lunch, she loves her food.
Then she played with the boys for a long time, took another nap and then was grabbing at everything in sight.

We truly enjoy our Fridays with her but let me tell you, it is hard to hold a 20# baby a lot for me anymore. Stupid fibromyalgia~ at least we get a baby fix once a week.
I hope you enjoyed this brief look at Jelly and our day with her. Once Kendra gets home from school Tommy drives them to Renee’s so they can meet the girls when they get off the bus from school.


4 thoughts on “Friday~

  1. She’s a gorgeous little girl! Babies are heavy. The last time I held one, I ended up giving her back to her mama because my arms wore out. She said, “Already?” and then called me a sissy. LOL

    • Kristy, it is very fun, and has certainly helped me not feel bereft from not having any babies in the house anymore 😉 after having so many, it was hard for awhile there, even with our crazy lifestyle

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