Possible Summer Schooling Plans~

I am working on summer schooling plans and the kids are making me see red. I know they are tired and probably needing a break but we did very little work for the last two weeks and they need to focus. I have told and then reminded them that if they would just do their work in a timely manner and accurately the first time, they would have more free time. Apparently they are still struggling with that issue and even my study habits that they see me doing for my college classes is not getting through to them. I was so hoping that modeling would be the answer but not yet.

I have also told them that as they finish a subject that they will not get a replacement until the start of the new school year on Aug. 13, 2012. Hoping to make it seem more manageable, and more positive. So far that hasn’t hit home either. The woes of homeschooling while going to college. If you thought to hear a pleasant, loving testimony of homeschooling, then move on, that is not happening today here! This is the reality of day to day homeschooling. Homeschooling is not always fun nor is it easy. I do think of quitting but having had children who have fallen through the cracks in the public school system where we live, quitting is not an option as long as we live here.

On to the summer plans, we have only 38 lessons of history to do, so if we do 2 lessons a day we will be done in 19 days~ I need to finish history before the Ark goes to babysit for Renee this summer as that is a group subject. So history will be a priority for the next 3 weeks. We finally found the Ark’s science test booklet so he will be rewriting his tests into it as it makes it so much easier to take to the teacher, for their evaluations. Someone misplaced the Ark’s math book and I am furious, as he only had 5 weeks left to complete and then he would be done. I hope we find it as he can take it to Renee’s and finish it there.

Ace gets to work M-S until June 22, when we will be getting him ready for Camp Mowana. He gets a break from book work but gets some life learning so a nice trade off for him. The Ark on the other hand is close to finishing up with much of his work except for Physical Science but that he will take to Renee’s as well as his Latin which is on dvd. He gets a nice book learning break and real life learning when he goes to New Orleans this summer! He leaves early July 14, comes home late July 23!

The Princess and the Peanut will both be schooling until July 27 when I call it quits irregardless of where they are in the scheme of things! They will need a break by then and so will I!!! Especially since we will spend 7 weeks doing swim team and swim lessons, lots of park/pool time and gardening thrown into the mix.

I did email the teacher about getting them in for their evaluations, I am hoping to take two kids at a time on different days as that makes it so much easier to get them through the evals. They are long and the kids get restless or tired if we do them all on one day. We will see what she says in her reply, it is more complicated now though with the boys going on trips to plan.

Sometime I have to start finishing my planning for the upcoming year but figure I can wait until July for that…..I still need to order books for next year as well! Hopefully I will have an idea by next week just what I am teaching so I can get it in writing for my planner!!!!

The Ark is working on a Language Arts end of year project to show the teacher~ it is going slowly……and he is so frustrated…..writing in not his strong suit but he must improve his skills in that area. I will upload photos of the completed project. I was going to upload the idea behind it but I can’t figure out how to do it in this new wordpress post thing.

Ok, I am done writing for now……soon though I will be posting their plans for 2012-2013.


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