I want to write something for y’all to read but am so lacking inspiration to really write anything at all. I’m stressing about getting into the Honors Program, the competition is fierce and there were at least 40 applicants. They should be saying something by the end of next week. I do have a back up plan though, I have already contacted one of my old professors about doing some research assisting on one of his projects in the fall, he remembered me and said to contact him then. So that is promising.
School is going ok, the kids are doing ok, as well, although they will have to school more this summer than I had wanted to. I should have two of my finals out of the way by April 25, if I can find time to the paper for the one. Then by May 04, the other two should be done. I am very glad this semester is almost over. I have a story to share with you at some point about the Lord changing my career direction but am still researching it. So will tell you soon.
We had a few set backs during spring break~ namely lots of interruptions and illness. I did get the hallway painted except for the wood trim, so that is done and looking nice. The husband gutted the rest of the kitchen, we bought a recessed light for over the sink and a tracking light for the rest of the kitchen. Then came in the problem, the bathroom is over the kitchen and the dumb toilet has never sat flush to the floor, so I had the husband take up the cracking ceramic tile, the subfloor and what did he find? Another layer of 1″ square tiles…..on top of the original subfloor, which was rotting around the toilet. So he replaced the subfloor and put down new vinyl tile. He also decided to replace the heat duct for whatever reason. So before he can put up my ceiling he needs to get the guy out to put in a new one. So last weekend he spent most of the day putting in my new side door! Or at least everything but the trim around it since we had to put in new mortor in the brick work. But hopefully tomorrow he can get up the trim, so we can use the door! We only have 4 weeks to get some of this done before the Ark is confirmed and the husband’s family is coming for lunch *although we are not sure yet how many will be able to come.
There is always so much to do here and I’m just wanting one day to just do what I want to do: like scrapbook, marathon tv watching, going to the mall and looking at everything sans kids or even the husband, maybe taking a long walk by myself. Ok, well it is time to go wash the grey out of my hair, for tomorrow I am dong the crafts for the first communion class and in the evening going to Ronald McDonald house to serve a meal for them. I also have a ton of Latin to get done and a paper to write by Thursday and two articles to read and do discussion questions for. Plus the Ark has to acolyte this sunday!!! I am so surprised to realize that it is already Palm Sunday!!!! I hope you all have a blessed Easter!!!!


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