The first day of spring break

Went ok, the husband has been working on the kitchen, I did schoolwork with the kids and have been working on my essay to apply to the Honors Program in Psychology. It is rough going, while my writing is improving, I am still far from where I want to be in that area.

I have found curtains that I like for the living room and if they look as good in real life, I will be able to get paint for the kitchen to match them and hopefully the colors will all tie together downstairs.

I am working on improving my health, which is something I hate working on. drinking water and eating veggies is not my idea of fun, but I have been getting sick with multiple viruses/bacterias and am heartily sick of it. So some changes need to be made.

I have papers to write while on spring break and Latin to study and reading to do. The papers are the hardest. I also have a big project in my psy. of hate class that I’m dreading working on but maybe Sunday….If I can get the papers written and the project done, it will make my life a little easier after spring break.

I tried to make banana almond pancakes this morning, but the husband moved the griddle for the kitchen renovations and we couldn’t find it!!! So I will cook them tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, I know that the newer Greek yogurts are supposed to be better for you BUT I do not like them at all! Do not suggest that  I make my own like Melanie, either!!! I have no time for that at the moment, but maybe during the summer. So I will suck it up and eat Chobani, I even tried the kids ones and find them horrid.

I have no idea what’s for dinner tonight as I am not cooking in that dirty/dusty kitchen. I wonder if I can convince the husband to bring home my favorite Chinese food? ok, well I just called him and he read my mind 😉 He is stopping at Dragon Gate and bringing me home food!!! I love when he does that.

Well, I guess I will at least go print out the stuff I need to get started on one of those papers. Check back for a post early next week with photos. I’m trying to be optimistic that we will get a lot done this week.


2 thoughts on “The first day of spring break

    • I will but, it won’t be easy!!! I just want to get this stuff done, so I can get busy on other important things like: studying for the GRE, finalizing grad schools and writing personal statement essays 😉 So there is no rest for the weary yet!!!

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