Well what you ask? I don’t know really but thought I should let you all know that I am alive and surviving this semester. We have been steadily working on school but I did slack with the littles this week and they won’t do school with their father. So now I will have to crack the proverbial whip but am wondering who should be whipped: the children who aren’t listening or the father who isn’t helping me out here. Probably the father, he is supposed to be the adult after all 😉

I sent off an email this week to the professor who helps run the Honors Program in Psychology. To talk about applying for the program. I met with him on Thursday. I thought it went ok, but had a few hesitations on it but my friend from UA, said that because he walked me down the hall still talking and asking questions, he liked me. So that is a good thing. So now I wait until I get an email asking me to apply. Probably late February….I hate waiting……

I took two exams this week, got an 81% on my latin exam but that is ok for the moment and better than I thought I would do since we covered most of the information last semester. I am hoping I did as well on my Clinical 2 exam as I think I might have, it seemed fairly straight forward and that made me happy. I also picked my topic for my paper I have to write by Spring Break: Sensory Integration Theory, a treatment for Autism. I started pulling articles so I can work on the bibliography as well. I have a quiz in Suicidology on Monday and 3 articles to read and write a discussion question for. I need to study my latin as well so I don’t get behind. I did all of chapter 18 exercises but need to do a worksheet and write some third declension neuter nouns down by Monday as well. Not to mention the studying I need to do for Clinical 2. Oh the joys of being a homeschooling college going mom.

On a side note: a friend of mine is over stepping her boundaries and I would love to blast her but it would take too much energy and I seriously have not time for that kind of thing right now. She can be so draining and then can be nasty when she is angry.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you all the ceiling story from Sunday night……

Remember when we bought the house? It was a bank repo and needed work which we have been doing as we have the money. The kitchen ceiling needs to be replaced but I’ve held off since I was hoping to replace the plumbing and the one section of the roof over the kitchen leaks if ice builds up in the winter. So long story short we haven’t replaced it…..

here’s a photo from when we moved in for you

Over the last 3 years the ceiling has been steadily coming down in bits and pieces due to the leaking roof. So some of it was just being held up by a couple of nails. Well, those nails gave away Sunday night and came crashing to the floor. It scared the heck out of us.

So now I”m hoping the husband will get a bit motivated to take the rest of it down before it comes crashing, do the minor plumbing ourselves and then get the ceiling up. I told Tristan I needed help getting the new drywall up and he said he would get a couple of his friends over when we are ready since he just helped one of them do his basement ceiling. We won’t be able to fix the one section yet, but getting most of the ceiling up would be great, because then I could tear down the ugly wallpaper and then paint my kitchen. Making our house look a whole heck of a lot better and easier to consider selling if we need to for grad school.

On the note of grad school, someone recently asked me about it and I panicked when I realized that I will be applying to schools THIS FALL!!!! Oh my gosh, I am almost done with my bachelor’s and grad school!!!! Do you know how terrified I am? What if I don’t get in? What if I do? Holy cow!!! So much stress for me. It is so much easier not thinking about the future.

Ok, I’m beyond tired, so I’m going to close this for now.



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