Christmas Photos~

This is the typical after Christmas post~ lots of photos!!!!


Four of the men in my life~

My Princess with her Daddy,

This was the surprise gift, The Ark wanted StarWars Monopoly, but we didn’t want him to know he got it. He was so funny trying to guess what was in that present: a coat, boots????? You will see on Christmas was the reply…..he didn’t like that.

A very happy Princess with her Calico Critter House, with real lights!!!! Now maybe I can get a few minutes of peace and quiet?

I love catching the boys talking to each other, it warms my mommy heart…

Yes, that is a staged smile, but at least I have one…..Ace seldom smiles for pictures.

There was very little drama for the holidays so far, hoping to make it through one more week with none. The trip to the inlaw’s went ok, but the kids were tired so we left earlier than planned. Then yesterday we went to Renee’s and after dinner we played Michael Jackson on the Wii… was fun to dance with 3 of my daughters~ Renee, Jasmine and Kendra….I even beat them a couple of times, surprising them. Then we came home and opened the gift from Darius: a Vizio Blu-ray dvd player… we watched the only blu-ray movie we had: Alice in Wonderland….the color was amazing as was the clarity.

Well that is all for now, the husband had the day off from the church, so he is cleaning, I’m going to start planning our school year of Jan~June…..


2 thoughts on “Christmas Photos~

    • Hi Kristy!!!! It was, there are some things I plan to write about in my journal that I’m too tired to write here, but the basics made it here 😉
      I”m planning school for the kids over the next two weeks….I’m hoping to do Jan~June, so no rest for the weary, I’m hoping Heaven = resting for a century or so.

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