Not much to say

Because I’m on FaceBook and Twitter, there are times that I have little to share here as all the important things like : getting all A’s this semester and having a 3.83 GPA have already been said in both places so that all of my friends know. Some friends are on both, some are either in one or the other. So it seems redundant to write about it here.
I was in such a Christmassy happy mood but that has flown out the proverbial window in dealing with ungrateful adult children who feel entitled. So now I”m grouchy during my favorite season. I told a couple of classmates that to me Christmas is more of a new beginning than January…..Christmas means hope….but it is hard to keep that hope alive when being criticized all the time.

Perhaps it will come back, but truly right now I just want to bury myself in schoolwork and forget that Christmas is here. At least with school, I know who I am and where I am going, or at least somewhat…..

Speaking of school….I only have 3 semesters before I graduate with my BA in Psychology. So I’m starting to look at grad schools and study for the GRE, look at field work and thinking about my personal statement essay that I need to write. I think I’m going to specialize in health psychology and focus on women’s health….I think that will make me the happiest and it has the most potential for future growth. Plus my previous work/volunteer experience is all focused on women’s health.

The kids are hooked on the original Legend of Zelda game, I downloaded it to our wii, and they enjoy it….although they laugh at the graphics… we have been doing some bonding while playing. I’m also reading 3 chapters a day out of christmas books, our current book is the Magic Tree House series: Christmas in Camelot, I have the Gift of the Magi, but I can’t remember where I put it *shakes head, but we have a few others that I will probably read to the kids over the next couple of weeks.
I”m hoping to get a bit of money for some more games for us to play….the kids are finally getting into playing family games. I did buy the Ark Star Wars Monopoly for xmas and I have u build it monopoly as well. I would like to get Bananagrams and Scrabble, as well as a couple of the Lego games. The Ark also wants Risk….

After this weekend life will slow down a bit, we have a Christmas party tonight, I have to bake cookies tomorrow for the Youth bake sale, I made the flyers for it and have already made white chocolate peppermint fudge, just need to cut it up and package it tomorrow as well. Then the cookies~ I’m making white chocolate cherry shortbread cookies. I wanted to make cookies that look pretty since pretty cookies sell the best. Of course I will be working the bake sale on Sunday. We are also doing the Advent reading Sunday morning.

Next week, the kids have to do school on Monday since this week they have been sick off and on. But the rest of the week will be spent baking cookies, wrapping gifts and cleaning….I have no idea what we are eating for Christmas yet, I do know that this is the first year that the husband will not have to work the church on xmas eve, so we are going to his mother’s that night after the 5pm service. I was looking forward to it until she made the comment “just what we need 6 more people in my house”.  But now I’m committed to being there, although I’m thinking we won’t be staying very long.I guess I will have to go to Renee’s for a bit on Christmas day, but would so rather just stay home.

I still have quite a few things to check off on my reminder’s list on my iPhone, I love that app! I just jot my lists down there and then check them off as I get them done. It seems to help me stay focused in all the chaos….

I need to plan out the kids schoolwork for the next quarter, I’m dreading it but it needs to be done. keeping us on track = planning. So planning I will be probably starting after Christmas day…..the kids will be busy playing and I will have free time.

I have two school related items that I’m trading back into Amazon, so if they give me full credit I’m going to order the Holocaust movie for the Ark, we borrowed it from the library but it was horribly scratched and we missed a great deal of it. So we will get it. He loves studying the WW2 era… much like me at that age. Although I love all history era’s equally now, well with the exception of the Revolutionary…..I suffer through that one

Oh yes, I spend lots of time on Pinterest~ I love that site!!! I’ve made a few recipes I found there and so far they have been great!!! I love being able to pin things that I find on the web and then can go back to them whenever I have the time to cook/make/buy it. I did that for the xmas outfits I wanted us to wear this Christmas and it worked out great!!! I use it as my wish list of things.

Well, I guess I should go do something productive but I so don’t want to~ probably just a bit of lingering burn-out from the rough semester. Hoping that I feel rested and relaxed by January 09, when it starts again.


4 thoughts on “Not much to say

    • Hi Kristy,
      Thank you, I am busy and stressed, hopefully it will pass quickly 😉
      Pinterest is the best,

      Merry Christmas to You and Your Family as well!!!!

      I might send out cards but not until later next week, if we get a nice picture this Sunday….if not then I won’t be sending out cards.

    • Thanks Sheri, keeping my eyes on Jesus is the only thing that is going to get me through this…..and Thanks for the warm blessings, they are always much appreciated. I pray the same for you and your family.

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