Now I wait….

For my grades that is, i hate this part of school, I know that I should have an A in Latin, but Clinical & Counseling 1 could be anything from a B+ to an A, same for my experimental class……although it is most likely I will end up with A- at the very least (well, I hope so anyways).

The Ark is going on a retreat this weekend, the purpose is for him to start bonding with the youth that are going to New Orleans, next summer with him. I’m really excited for him, he needs a weekend away and it is coming at a great time for him. He has been a trooper except for once or twice about babysitting the littles for me this semester. We went out today and had some Mom and son time, so he is happy.

We bought the Princess her gift: The Calico Critter Luxury Townhome plus the store we were at gave us the Sugar Bear Family and the Sugar Bear Twins for free!!! Which makes me a happy mom. Still need to get the Peanut his present, and the three granddaughters!!! but it is almost done, Oh yes, Ace needs a new pair of pajama’s, this year I bought the kids a new pair of pj’s for xmas as well, primarily for the Christmas picture taking that I hope to do.

I’m swamped with fundraising stuff for the kids: one is going to camp next year and one is going to New Orleans, lots of work for the husband and I to get the funds up. This month I will bake and help out at the bake sale and set up the poinsettias on the alter on Dec. 23. Then every month after that there will be a major fundraiser until July…..

On my Christmas want list is the Kindle Fire, I have the kindle app on my iPhone and love reading books on it when I can’t make it to the library! I doubt I will buy too many books for it, mostly download from the library. Even The Ark is excited to have a chance to read on it, and he is not my likes to read teen. So anything that encourages him to read more is great in my world. (PS~ I would really love to get the iPad but there is no way that I can afford one of them, therefore the Kindle Fire is a great substitute.)

Oh yes, I insanely added in another class to my Spring semester, so now I’m taking: Clinical & Counseling 2, Latin 2, Intro to Suicidology and Psychology of Hate. The husband and the kids are going to have to pull together and get school done, although I will be home, by 1pm on MWF and 5 on TTH. Yes, this all stresses me out, but this is what homeschooling can be about, and my kids need to learn to be a bit more independent from me and more responsible for their own learning. Plus, there are always weekends, right? No, I”m not taking this lightly, and will be revising our schedule during my break to make sure I know where we are and get the husband on board with what has to be done. I think this might make me a bit neurotic …ok, well maybe more than a bit.

Did I tell you we are reading for Advent on Dec. 18? We are going to all be wearing gray and navy blue, except for the husband who has a royal blue dress shirt, although I might make him wear his gray one. I’m hoping that Renee makes it to the service so that she can take pictures for me. We have such a busy week coming up~ I’m hoping to meet my friend Robin for lunch on Monday, Wednesday the Princess is back to the chiro, Friday is the annual xmas party that the husband and I always go to and then he has to work Saturday night, Then Sunday we will be in church and working the bake sale.

I’ve been home for 3 days and feel like I’ve done nothing, although I have taken the 4 kids to see the chiro, finished the take home final from hell, that took me 2 days of working on it off and on. Shopped for the Ark for his retreat, bought a gift, done some school with the kids, gone to a meeting, and tried to catch up on my sleep, which I so desperately have needed, Oh yes, I’ve tried to do some bonding with the kids. Even looking at  this makes me sad that I’ve not done more. I am working on math the with two youngest as I type this and going to work on my mil’s christmas dishcloths I’m knitting for her for xmas. so that is something I guess. Tomorrow had better be more productive…..

Ok, I need to find a way to unstress and do some knitting……..I’m frustrated right now.


2 thoughts on “Now I wait….

  1. So good to “chat” with you Rose! I miss my Twitter friends but it has been good in trying to lesson my time online.The photo of you and your grandbaby is so cute. I’m so glad that you have a break from school but it sounds like there is soooo much going on. I hope that you do have time to unstress and bond with the family before your killer semester kicks in. I hope that you get you Kindle Fire for Christmas.

    • Hi Kristy,
      I’ve missed you so much but this is better than nothing. Thank you for all your encouragement! I so need it right now….Thanks, I love that photo of us, Renee needed to run some errands and I got to hold her for 2 hours!!! It was great!!! So of course we had to take pictures!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful, blessed Christmas

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