Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving was spent making a 22# Turkey, with the Husband and I running around picking up last minute things and then stopping to pick up the Honey Baked Ham that my daughter Renee wanted. We made 4 pumpkin pies, two kinds of mashed potatoes: garlic red-skinned and regular, acornsquash-apple casserole, corn, roles and of course gravy. We picked up girly beer, a bottle of wine, pop and sparkling grape juice for the kids to drink.

Renee warmed up the ham, made greens and ham hocks, cornbread, mac-n-cheese, sweet potatoes, french silk pie and a pear-apple cobbler, she had beer, wine and a bottle of ciroc~ berry flavor ( it was really good~ and fun to have a shot of alcohol with my adult kids)

So food was plentiful~ they all behaved themselves (a huge blessing~ since they don’t always) Here are the photos~ I’m kind of disappointed in Smilebox, it wouldn’t work when I tried it…….

Ok, the tip to getting a super moist falling off the bone turkey? One must have moist stuffing to start with, I add melted butter, 4 eggs and chicken broth to my stuffing to have it as moist as possible, then stuff the turkey. I butter it a bit, add broth to the pan, then I wrapped it up in foil as tight as I can get it, this creates a mini convection oven type effect and then I just bake it for the recommended amount of time. I never baste it and whatever you do: Do Not Open It and Check It !!!!!!! Just leave it alone, when it is time open it up and the turkey will be done, incredibly moist and falling off the bones. Without as much work on your part…

These pies turned out perfect and tasted as good as they look…..

Half of the family sitting here

Watching football: a perfect ending to a great day……



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