So we are surviving…….

So the kids are adjusting much better than I thought they would, I print out the lessons plans for the week for their father, so he knows what to enforce while I’m gone. He is in charge of spelling 4 days a week and grading the kid’s daily math, I usually do the reading lessons with the littles, but the husband does make the Princess read to him and I make her read to me a few nights a week. I’m reading Nancy Drew to her at night, if I’m not overwhelmed by studying to too exhausted. The Ark is doing well, with the added responsibility right now, but when I’m home I try to give him lots of free time to unwind. We only have 31 more lessons of MOH v. 2 and that makes me a happy mom, both of the boys are done with the first reader on their list for the year,  now to get them to write about the book!!! the Ark has improved in his writing but has a long way to go yet before he is any good at it, but I will take the improvement as a “light at the end of the tunnel” .  the Peanut likes math but hates doing schoolwork……it is a challenge for us. The Princess is reading just a bit better than a few weeks ago, but still has no confidence and makes too many mistakes for me. On the other hand here is an email discussion between her art teacher and I about whether or not we should move her up to the older art class:

If the Princess  is happy in the younger class-‘I’m good with her continuing there. Usually my 5-8 classes have fewer students in them-thats a good thing for her since she likes things rather calm so she can focus on her art.  For now I will keep her in the 5-8 group.
the Princess  definitely has the skills needed to move into the older class-so let me know if you decide to move her up.
See you at noon on Sept 12th unless I her differently.
When I related the conversation to The Princess she was so surprised that she had the skills to move up….so she will start back to art lessons and sunday school and hopefully more swim lessons all at the same time, I hate being this busy….
My classes are ok, but I”m not sure what is says about me that my Latin class is the easiest class I’m taking this semester……or why Latin is so much easier for me to learn than Spanish or French. My Experimental class is rough, but I might survive and get an A, with lots of studying…..the Clinical and Counseling 1 is even rougher but I’m not horribly worried, just need to try to keep up with reading, which is dry as dust and then decipher his questions, which are hard to do I’ve heard.
We took the kids creek walking last Friday, they had fun, and the older boys worked with the little ones to help them cross the creek, while the husband and I sat on a rock and watched them. Would like to do something this weekend with them but it is steamy hot and supposed to rain, so I”m not sure what we will do…..
I wish this post were more interesting but my life revolves around everything education and while that is not boring, I have no interesting tales to tell you, although I could relate the shocked faces yesterday when my experimental lab partners found out I have 11 kids and that I homeschool 4 of them, and that I had 7 of them at home… of the people in my group a youngish man named Garret, was so full of questions and curious. He said that I was interesting to talk to because I knew so much. That did kind of make my day.
Ok, maybe if I find anything interesting to say I will come update this post or write another one, for now, I’m going to eat my Chipotle and watch NCIS on hulu.


2 thoughts on “So we are surviving…….

  1. You are fascinating, Rose! I’m sure it would be a hoot to sit over a cup of tea and chat about life, homeschooling, kids, husbands, etc. I think it might be time for another driving home phone call!

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