The Dining Room Saga…..

ok, so I got really tired of the mint green in my dining room and wanted something more neutral in case, we do end up moving out of state for me to go to grad school in 2 years…..and I wanted to carry the color scheme through the living room and the hallway. Plus, I hate where the buffet sits, so with some measuring I decided that I don’t mind if the bookcase covers a couple of inches of the windows, as long as I can move the buffet where I want it. Here is what the room looked like before I started on this madness:

Now I realize that you can’t see where the buffet used to sit but it is right by the chairs in this picture. It is hard to open the window that is right there and if one is sitting in these chairs one can’t get into said buffet to get out school stuff, a big problem since that is where the books that they use on a daily basis reside.

So if I had to move everything and take all those darn books off the bookcase, I was going to paint the room at the same time, it was going well until I made the husband fix the outlet that wasn’t stable:

after the outlet was fixed we had a hole that needed to be fixed as well….a quick phone call got a friend over last Saturday with leftover pieces of drywall, so he showed the husband how to do a wall repair the “right” way (the husband is just learning to be mechanically inclined):

This was just the first coat of mud over the new piece of drywall,  we had to wait 3 days for it to dry totally for shrinkage since the hole was so deep, today we put on the second coat and will let it dry for another 2 days, then prime it with drywall primer, regular primer and then finally paint it. But my outlet is fixed and the fear of someone getting electrocuted is reduced and the wall will look great when it is done.

this is the corner where the bookcase once lived and where the buffet is slated to be moved to. As you can see we are going to put up a chair rail in here as well, I have corner pieces and we did pick up some of the rail to prime and paint

( another dr. bill rolled in so we have to wait a bit to finish buying the rail). but we are going to put up the rail where the bookcase is going so that I can at least move it back and get books back on the shelves by next week’s start date for homeschooling….

It will look very nice when it is all done but all the extra work and the slowing me down is driving me batty. BTW, I can’t get the rest of the post to change colors to blue, like the top section….*shakes head* So this project is taking much longer but the husband learned a few things and I will be happy with it when it is done, *I am hoping though that we don’t have too many more outlets to fix and repair holes in this manner though.

I’m eventually going to carry the dark grey to an accent wall in the living room and the hallway, but the other 3 walls will be the light grey that you see on top, I like pinks and reds, so it will be easy to give it a different feel with pillows, tablecloths, etc. Plus, I can put in charcoal grey carpet and carry that all the way into my room, saving me time and stress.

Oh yes, the Princess has been sick for 5 days and that definitely slowed us down, she is on the mend but still very tired and lacking of energy.


4 thoughts on “The Dining Room Saga…..

  1. Oh me, oh my….things are never easy, are they?? You are making good progress and it’s going to look wonderful when you are done. You are smart to do things right in the first place. It just prevents more work later on. Good work lady!!!

  2. Sounds like it will be beautiful when you are done. Once it is done I bet you will enjoy it even more knowing the hassle you went through to get to that point.

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