A Quick Update

We saw the teacher today, and the kids all did fine, she made a few suggestions, was impressed by what we did do and did not freak out about what we didn’t get to. She tolerates well, that sometimes all we do is reading, math and history, to be switched to math, science and latin, to be switched to whatever we are interested in next. She reminded me that I tend to expect to much out of Ace yet, she was impressed with how well The Ark did with Apologia’s general science and how much work we did do. I’m to perfectionistic with my kids and tend to expect way to much, she nicely backed me up on The Ark’s handwriting and then just suggested we teach him keyboarding to alleviate some of that, but did tell him that he does have to write legibly so that others can read it.
We did the promised ice cream stop and a hike, but I think they were all overwhelmed by then and tired, so it wasn’t relaxing until Ace stomped off angry, the husband followed him and the other 3 and I went off for a walk. We found a little pond with frogs in it and the kids had a blast trying to coax them to the top of the water. At least until The Peanut fell in partially, so we trudged back to the van.
I think we all need a few days of sleeping in and not having to go anywhere. We truly are homebodies sometimes, and need our downtime.
Well, I promised Renee I would review her essay, so I’m off to do that. Have a great evening.


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