So last week Kristy offered up a iPod Nano and some school books, she no longer wanted to any takers ( I jumped at the chance, I guess I can be very competitive under the right circumstances). The Princess has long wanted an iPod anything because she loves contemporary Christian music, like her mom and older brothers. So I quickly let Kristy know that I wanted this dearly and that she would be saving my life. Then I went to look at her school books, one knows one never has enough schoolbooks……well she had First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Level 3. I had been wanting (ok, dying) to get this but hadn’t had the money and didn’t want to get it new, after all what if we didn’t like it? So I told Kristy, if she waited for $ I would send her payment after I paid the Dr. bills from my surgery. Kristy, being the wonderful friend she is, sent them to me for free! I’m in heaven and feeling very blessed by her friendship, not to mention, the Princess is so excited as you will see in a moment. I’ve looked through the book and I’m excited since it is just what I need for the 3 younger ones, and will even be able to do some review of a few concepts for The Ark, as grammar is not his forte at all.

Thank you Kristy!!! You have made her day as well as mine, as you can see, she had no idea that it was coming and was very surprised. So what does she listen to?

Heather Williams, Toby Mac, The Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Matthew West. She loves it and happily listening to it already.

In other news: I have 4 more therapy sessions, my hand still hurts sometimes, but is slowly starting to move a bit better. I see the surgeon next week, it will hopefully be the last time. I finally got a bill from him and while it is not cheap it is half the price of what I was anticipating and that is a very good thing. The surgery center also said that if we pay it before July 29, I can take off 25% and that saves me about $144. making the bill under $500, which is still a lot for us but so much better than it could have been. The Lord is providing for us and I’m so thankful, I will however be glad when the bills are all caught up and paid off.

School News~The Ark will take 3 tests today and tomorrow and then I’m giving them off for 3.5 weeks. We are all burnt out and that is a very bad thing. We are going to start back up on August 15, so hopefully the kids will be ready and be in a routine before I start back on August 22. So in the meantime, I will finish scrapbooking the Princess album and then get my brain in gear and start planning their year so that I can take a week off somewhere in the next few weeks. We see the teacher for their evals next weds. I have realized that I need to write down what we do more often as there is so much that I didn’t document this year. Like conversations, educational videos, places we went or things we did.

We are also going to rearrange our dining room and try to make it more school friendly, since that is where we spend the bulk of our schooling. I”m not sure it will help as we have such a small house with lots of books, but it means I can add a bulletin board over my buffet to post stuff on: a calendar for the younger ones, printed out copies of lessons for the husband to keep them on track when I’m gone, artwork if we have room.

I was talking to the boys swim coach and am going to check out a year round league to see if I can fit it in our life. The boys really need to swim all year round and they would only have to practice  MWF and meets are on Saturdays. So if it doesn’t cost too much or isn’t too far to drive, we will give it a try. Although I”m hesitant to add anything into our schedule at the moment.

Ok, there is your update for the time being and pretty much covers everything that is going on at the moment. Oh yes, I’m still working on my fireworks video for  you.


One thought on “Blessings…..

  1. So glad that I could make her so happy. Love the photos of her opening her gift. I am always happy to help out my friends in any way that I can. Happy summer!

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