* I guess I should update but am busy, tired and feeling a bit overwhelmed by life.

*The husband and I spent 6.5 hours working in our bedroom today, going through stuff, cleaning and reorganizing a bit. This was with interruptions but still….and there are a few things that need to find a home yet.
*My hand~ well that is another battle that is not going as quickly as i would like….it is still painful, although not as much, swollen and I’m still doing therapy 2x a week and will see the surgeon this week as well. huge chunks of time lost in my life right now. The range of motion is coming as is the strength but the tendon that runs down the pinky finger is still not moving very well yet and it will be 9 weeks come weds……*sigh*
*The husband and I went out for a bit yesterday sans kids, he said to me he really wants to paint our bedroom before late fall……this is a lot of work and I”m not sure if I’m up to it but……so I told him that the only way I would do so is if we picked out a new comforter set, matching curtains and sheets, so I could match the paint to make it look really nice. Which meant we stopped at Bed, Bath and Beyond….they had a set I liked in grays and pinks….they don’t have any in a king size right now so I have to hope that they will get some in stock or I have to find something else.
* I am working on the kids scrapbooks and studying off and on for fall semester. Taking the kids to swim team practice/lessons and meets.
* The husband has been working a lot and I’m so proud of him for handling it all, with me still not able to help out as much as I would like. He worked 16 days straight between the church and the grocery store before he got a day off from both.
*School is going more slowly than I would like with the boys, they are acting burnt out but that is too bad as we have things to finish…..I know I’m heartless but reality is that only public school children and teachers get the summer off in real life…..or college students who opt to like myself.
*There always seems like there is so much to do and never enough time or energy to accomplish it all. I did however pick up liquid vitamins for the husband and I to take to see if we start to feel a bit better. I at least hope it stops my hair from falling out all the time. I probably should get my thyroid tested but I would have to find a dr. first and that just isn’t happening right now.
* Renee is having a third daughter….she is naming her Annabelle May. Renee was a bit disappointed to not have a son, since this is her last baby but the positive is that the father will not harass her and that is a really good thing. I also found out that the bank that she works for is acquiring a chain of branches in the south and in 2 years she will be moving to one of those banks. She has long wanted to leave Ohio, so this will give her a job and the chance to move.
* I”ve also been going through our school books and weeding them out to make room on the shelves for this years books that are still in the box. I am also reorganizing them to a certain extent by subject versus grade level like they were although the readers and read alouds still go by gr. level. I still have one bookcase to do.
* well I guess I should get moving on something besides this…..or nothing will get done this evening.


4 thoughts on “Bullets

  1. Good to hear from you Rose! I’m sorry that it does not sound like a peaceful and relaxing summer for you. And I’m sorry that your hand continues to be an issue. Bummer

    • Hi Kristy! Thank you, no it is not but if we get things done and it makes our next school year go better I guess that makes up for it? I’m sure the hand will heal, but it is taking longer than I have the patience for…….certainly a virtue that I”m lacking 😉

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