Life is happening whether I want it or not……

So, I’m still tired and the hand still hurts and I’m still trying to get it to move without re-injuring it, not that easy by the way. I’m getting grouchy from having to go to dr. visits and therapy every week, even though it is a necessary evil at the moment, it just eats up so much of my day right now, and will until I get range of motion and strength back. and I’m so not happy that both of my ears are hurting and today my throat started hurting as well, hoping that the pain goes away soon. Sleeping is rough when one is in pain.

I really need to get into a summer routine but it hasn’t happened yet and that is starting to get to me a bit I think. I haven’t been able to study as much, since I’m so busy or so tired, I can’t think….and I’m thinking about adding another class this fall. I have only one more required psych class and I’m taking it this fall, I have 22 upper level credits to take and since I already have 8 credits in sociology, I might take the remainder credits in soc. and have two degrees when I graduate, but the glitch is that I want to do a senior honors project and that means 6 extra psy credits, and there are two psy. classes I’m thinking of taking as well to help me get into grad. school. So if I decided to take this route, for  4 semesters of college I will be taking 4 classes and swamped but I like the thought of doubling up on my degrees. I have realized that I’m a social psychologist and combining the two is perfect for me. But oh the work and stress of it all……the only other reason I’m considering this? From 12-16 credits the tuition remains the same, so why not take the extra few classes and have a better chance of grad school? So, in case you haven’t realized this yet….I’m just plain crazy…….

Tomorrow starts swim team for the boys and swim lessons for all 4 of them. We have to be at the pool by 8:45 am and won’t leave until about 11:15 am. The little ones will play on the playground until it is time to get them ready for their lesson at 10:30, the boys will be done at 10:15, change and then they get to read while the littles are in swim lessons. Then when we get home, they can eat and do some schoolwork.

As for school, I’m thinking of just working on grammar, spelling, math, science, history, reading and latin for the summer. I know that sounds like a lot but as we finish a subject, they will be done with it until we start our new year on Aug. 24…..I know that I am giving them a break of 18 days total counting weekends from Aug. 6-Aug. 24, just so that they can have a bit of free time and so I can get a break myself since I start back for fall semester on Aug. 22.

Renee is going to visit Jasmine this week but only for 4 days, she said that if I chip in for gas money, she would take The Ark and Ace too. I’m going to let them go, since they were really disappointed about not going this summer. So they will spend weds. night at Renee’s and leave about 4 am, and then be home late Sunday night. I will pick them up early Monday morning for swim. I’m hoping even a short vacation will help them be a bit more relaxed. The Ark is having some growing pains being a new teenager lately and I think time away from the littles will be nice for him.

Both boys are going to camp in July for 5 1/2 days. I drop them off on Sunday afternoon and pick them up at 5pm. Giving them another short break from the littles and school. I’m trying to give the Ark a break since he has to babysit when I’m in school and it is alot of responsibility. He is also going to be going to more youth group activities this summer since he is going to the National Gathering next year with our church. That means he has to be very involved in the fund raising activities and there are a lot of them!!!! The other issue is that he will still be in confirmation with all of those requirements: weekly sunday school/church, sermon notes, weds night classes and the once a month activities for them…..yes, my son will be overwhelmed by life 🙂 But it will be good for him. I am however a bit worried about how we are going to make it all work, hoping the Lord provides the strength, energy and perseverance on all of our parts.

Haven’t gotten anywhere yet with the patio, it was too hot or no time, and the doctor bills are rolling in, so I’m not sure if we will have the money for the stones now but at least the ground will be prepped for when we can afford them. We had to buy a few tomato plants since all the rain killed our plants that we had started indoors except for the bean plants, strawberries and the one jalapeno plant. So we added 4 tomato plants, 2 pepper plants, and a cilantro plant. We will see how they grow this year. we raised the bed about 5-6 inches so I”m hopeful that will help them.

We finished reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins to the littles and the Princess saw a commercial for the movie and cried when she heard Jim Carey, say he hates penguins. So my little sensitive artist doesn’t want to see the movie and said that the movie should be more like the book and that they shouldn’t do that to good books. She is such an Artist and so sensitive about those things.

The husband and i went through the kids clothes this week and worked on their rooms, got rid of two bags for giveaway, one bag to my daughter Renee, one bag to save for the Princess and the Peanut, I was so happy, until I realized that I have a ton of clothes to wash and go through yet… never seems to end for me some days.

Well I guess I should end this and do something constructive but it is 7:50 pm and I have been up since 5:30 this morning and my brain is not co-operating anymore…..I had nursery duty at church today, then the boys had a job of weeding for grandma, while I picked up a few things at Michael’s craft store. Then I had to take Kendra to the mall, then we went to Renee’s to celebrate the birthdays: Ivette and the Peanut, we didn’t get home until after 5pm. Just a busy crazy day for us…..what a nice way to start a busy crazy week…..oh well Latin is easy enough at the moment to do for a bit.


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