My current projects

So, I couldn’t find a schedule like the one that we used for General Science for the Ark for Physical Science, so I’m working on one for him. It goes day by day and has the vocabulary, readings, experiments, if he needs to draw something, the on your own questions and the chapter summary in it. Although I should clarify, I didn’t rewrite the experiments for him, those he will have to write out himself, as soon as I find the lab form from Apologia again. Ok, never mind, I found one at the yahoo group that I like better. After the schedule is typed and printed I 3 hole punch it with the lab forms and put it in his science binder so that he is ready for the year. It has 16 divider’s since there are 16 modules for the year. One change we made was since he hates doing the lapbooking part of it, he has requested to just draw some of the drawings in each module which is fine with me as long as there is no drama involved and they look decent. I finished module 1 last night and hope to do a module a day or every other until they are done.

I bought chalk pastels today, a few stickers for Ace’s pages for his first communion scrapbook, a new cutting mat for my Cricut, so as soon as I get a chance I will be scrapbooking and drawing more…..I love the new book I bought and I dug out the other Mark Kistler book I bought the kids, I just need time to draw from them now.

The Life is Good Project is one that my older kids did while in 8th grade in public schools but I really like the insight that project gives me about my kids, so I got Kendra’s down and figured out how to adapt it for The Ark and younger kids. It is worth a 100 points, will be contain letter writing, poetry, photos, cover page, table of contents, quotes from Martin Luther, who we will study this  year, his favorite song and a descriptive paragraph about it, and I am having him include his faith statement from his confirmation. I hope he likes it, but even if he doesn’t, too bad there are some things children just have to do because I’m the mom and the teacher 😉 We will use The Write Source 2000, book for the poetry section and maybe other parts. I bought that book years ago for Darius and am very happy to have it to use for the Ark.

The patio project is moving along slowly, the husband is working on getting the area deep enough and smoothing it out as he works on it, at least now you can see  how it will look when it is done. I’m very excited about this project and can’t wait until it is done. I think it is going to be great.

I would like to work on a few of the projects that are on my list but most of them involve two working hands… they will have to wait for a bit longer.

Ok, I’m done for the night, I had to stop and take the little ones outside to play and have lost my momentum for this post…..or forgotten just what I really wanted to write about.


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