Deer, Birds, and a summer project…..

So we had 5 deer running around our neighborhood yesterday and I got a few not too close photos of them for you to see.

2 of them are hidden behind the others, they didn’t cooperate with picture taking

We also have lots of cardinals this year as well as bluejays….

Here is our mama Morning Dove….sitting on her eggs, we have no idea how many there are but she is there like a good mama..

So we decided that our home improvement project would be putting in a stone patio for us to utilize our backyard. We decided to put it back by our garage since the neighbor to our right has a deck that sits up rather high and they have summer parties every weekend in the summer….that means we have no privacy at all, but with a patio next to the garage we are hidden from them and even the left side neighbors won’t be on top of us much at all since their garage blocks us somewhat as well.

The first step for us is getting rid of the stump that was in our way….here the husband has already started working on it….

I love hardworking husbands…..they make life so much better.

It is still there but he is working on it as I type this… the core is rock hard and he is chipping away at it steadily. The neighbor teen that spends a great deal of time over when visiting his dad is taking a try….oops, that was short….”it is harder than it looks” My husband says he will persevere…..then he gets to dig down 3″ so we can lay the weedmat, and paving sand, then we can lay the stones….he is very excited about this project… as it means we will have a bit of privacy and be able to sit outside comfortably as will the kids and their friends…

Off to get an update and photos ….

Bill, the neighbor….

King of the stump, “I won!!!!”

Now we will have to start working on the really hard part but, at least we are progressing!


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