so last night after a couple of hours of sunshine, it started raining again. Which has been the case for most of our spring in NE Ohio. In just a few minutes the wind picked up as did the pouring rain. Next, I hear the rain hitting the windows kind of hard, so I get up to look and we have 1″ hail coming down. The biggest I’ve ever seen here. The kids wanted to go outside but I quickly said no way to that idea. I made them wait until after the hail stopped and then amazingly enough I saw the sun peaking through the clouds for a few minutes. Then we were back to dark clouds and more rain……

Of course we let the kids go out and have a hail fight in the rain

Of course our street flooded as well, and even though the hail is partially hidden in the grass, even step had you crunching on the ice. One of our neighbors son, had his windshield cracked by the force of the hail.

Check back, we have a yard project going…..


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