Another dark, cold spring day

Although it is a bit warmer today than the last couple of days, i saw the sun for a whole 10 minutes while driving to therapy. But the rain is back and thundering….*sigh*

I saw the surgeon yesterday and I get to take off the split for sleeping and if I’m watching tv. He is not happy with the swelling and stiffness in the wrist. He also said that in two weeks he wants the splint off permanently !!! Which is great news but I hope that I’m healed enough by then. I have a bunch new exercises to do, and can wash my hand as much as I want now. I have pretty good range of motion with my fingers already, just not my wrist……

We are going to try to go to see the M.C. Escher exhibit on sunday, since it is going to rain again that day. I want to get tickets to the African Safari, if we can that looks like a fun trip for us and one we never taken.

We are doing ok with getting school caught up but need to do a bit more still, I think we are going to have to work in a short break here and there or something to keep them motivated. Maybe we will go to M-Th. and then let them have a 3 day weekend…except for the monday holiday weeks, then we will do T-F….

I got my books for fall semester but other than the first 2 Latin lessons haven’t started them yet, maybe tonight. I really want to get in the study mode again so that I can do well this fall without being quite so stressed out.

Not much else is going on, our days are busy with my therapy, schooling, catching up on things here as much as possible. Planning some changes for the kids in their school year. We did get our garden in but it is not doing well because of all the rain and no sunshine…..

Maybe I’ll feel like doing a bit of drawing tonight…..Have a blessed day.


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