I wrote this while pregnant with Camryn, found it and thought I would share it with you.

Waiting for the blessed event of birth……..

Wanting to feel the sensation of pushing my new babe out into my waiting hands…..

Questions reign in my mind: Is it a boy or girl? Big or small?

Wondering what color hair: blond, brown or bald?

Eye color? Blue or Brown?

Then my mind wanders off to the reality of truly not caring of those mundane things, only wanting the babe to be born at home.

So my husband, my children and I can celebrate a new little life given to us by God.

Longing to feel the tug of a new nursling babe at my breast

Thinking of the joy of counting little fingers and toes

That new baby smell how I wish to be able to save it for the rest of my life, to remind me when I grow old that I was truly blessed to be the mother of so many

The joys and discomforts of labor will fade almost as quickly as it starts

Missed sleep and a tired achy body for a few weeks will all fade away in the wonder of having a new baby

Thanking God every day that He chose to honor me with the blessing of this new one and the others as well.


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