Summer Plans…..and current status!

My hand is hurting, supposed to see the dr. tomorrow morning, then I’m taking my family to the Zoo. I’m desperately needing family time away from home. I’m listening to Casting Crowns ” the voice of truth”, drinking coca-cola, and have watched the current episode of NCIS…..had dinner from my favorite chinese restaurant…….it was great. Now here is the summer plan list but we will have to see what the deal is with my hand before I can do some of them.

Summer Plans~

Curtain rods up in boys room….i finally found a curtain to match their room

Paint living, dining rooms and the hallway. thinking of painting the kitchen walls as well, maybe the walls down to the basement as well. I enjoy painting.

the bathroom needs serious cleaning, painting, an exhaust fan and new shower bar, with new curtains on it.

waterline to the refrigerator…..the kids open it 500x a day in the summer.

clean basement, it has been the dumping ground for months.

start studting for my fall classes ~yes, i’m taking a short break first!!!

get kids to swim lessons and swim team practice/meets.

Field Trips: zoo, akron art museum, great lakes science center, and a few hikes….

drawing, hopefully every day

therapy for my hand…..the husband added this.

learn to use my camera better.

scrapbooking the kids photos…i enjoy scrapbooking

exercise: wii fit, strength training

Girls day out with The Princess, get her hair cut, lunch and look at clothes.

buy Donna’s new cd with the v planner on it.

plan school year

work on my garden

see Dr. Hall about doing a honors project during my senior year.

research resilency for my research paper

read for fun……I have a list of books somewhere

do practice test with the Ark

consider giving him the CAT-5

plan my kids for Christ group for next year.

* the husband, says I must slow down, destress and say NO!!!! more often.

so there is the beginning of my list and yes i will take lots of photos for you…..


6 thoughts on “Summer Plans…..and current status!

  1. That is a great list! I hope that you accomplish everything that you want to. Do you find all of the home maintenance projects fun?? I look forward to hearing more from you this summer.

    • Hi Kristy,
      yes, I’m weird like that and enjoy doing those things, probably since I do so little when I’m in school……yes, I will write more this summer, I promise.

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