Should Write an Update but….

There is both nothing going on and a lot going on. I joined Tau Sigma, which is a honor society for transfer students, the induction ceremony is tomorrow evening. So I will be at UA all darn day, I bought a suit jacket to match my skirt, got my hair cut and bought a blouse. I will post a photo here for those of you who may have missed the on I posted on Twitter.

It will be a bit cold tomorrow and I’m thinking I am going to wear a different blouse but at least you can see the suit and my haircut. Although I guess I will have to have The Ark take a photo tomorrow, since I’m not wearing my dress shoes in this photo……
Time is elusive lately and I’m overly tired still. I may not be around much for the next few weeks, as I still have to work on my debate, and read a million chapters in my classes, write 3 more homeworks, and a book report. Not to mention study for tests, get Ace through his first communion and take finals……sound like fun? No, it won’t be much fun over the next few weeks….but it is almost over and then I get the summer off…..Praising the Lord for that! I need to make a list of things I want to accomplish during my break……I did register for fall semester, I’m taking Latin 1, but it looks like they may have changed the text so I’m waiting to see what it is. Intro to Experimental Psy. and Clinical & Counseling 1….12 credits…..and the schedule is horrid but we are hopeful that we can make it work.
On a different front, Tommy’s cousin has been to my church 2 in the last 3 weeks, so I decided that I would talk to her about Doug this summer sometime. Tommy told her that I wanted to meet with her for lunch one day, and she said just call and we would meet. Doug pumped The Ark for info on how much we see Liz when he had him alone, and Doug saw Tommy visiting with her today as well. I hope he is nervous….I’ve been avoiding him like the plague and hope to continue to as much as possible.
Ok, I need to try to get some sleep or something so I’m not dragging tomorrow as I will leave at 10am and not get home until about 9pm….one very long day.


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