It’s sunny today!!!

even if it is still cold, I’ll be happy for the bit of sunshine. I’m still sick so will be hanging out in bed most of the day and studying. I’m not doing as well with my classes as I want to this semester so, am hoping that if I spend most of Spring Break studying I can pull up mu grades to at least A- which would be acceptable at this time. It shouldn’t have much of an impact upon my GPA and that is ok, and since I’m less than 1% away from A- in two of my classes that would not be overly hard to achieve.

Tomorrow, I have to run my youth group, but am thinking I’m going to do set up and then get my friend Jennifer to work with the kids while I oversee, so that no one gets sick from me. Hopefully that will work out ok.

I bought a new pair of Dansko shoes, these are waterproof and red which make me happy, although they do need an insert in them as the ball of my foot hurt from walking in them all day on Thursday which kind of annoyed me.
These are great for walking around a soggy, wet campus and keeping your feet nice and dry!!! as I found out on Thursday when it poured all day as I walked from one building to the next. I despise having wet feet when in school, it distracts me too much and is very uncomfortable as well.

Ok, I guess I should go study for a bit as I know my energy level is not great and it won’t be long before I take a nap.


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