Dratted Spotty Internet

It is not working well, probably about as good as we are feeling. I’m thinking we have the flu and not the common cold….we are slowly recovering but not nearly fast enough. Hopefully in a few days we will be back to our normal routine without needing naps between working. I take a nap and then study a few pages, and repeat, not the best way of studying but certainly better than not studying at all…..now if I can just get through the two papers I have to write.
We have been watching lots of Highlanders and Jag….too bad we don’t have NCIS to watch or a movie I haven’t seen 10 times. Oh well, I’m off to try to get something done and then take a nap!!! Hmmm, I want some chocolate….


One thought on “Dratted Spotty Internet

  1. I am so sorry that your family has had such a rough few months. I am praying for a complete recovery and return to normalcy all the way around! I love Netflix Instant and the variety that it provides. And I love chocolate too!

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