What a week!!!

Our last week and a half have been tough around here. Brief recap for those of you who may not know:

  • The husband accidentally ran over Ninja with the van and Ninja went to heaven or at least I hope so, do animals go to heaven? The kids were so upset!
  • Then some of us caught the stomach flu, myself included. I’m still not feeling the best and it has been a week.
  • My Pastor, got angry that the Ark wasn’t in worship last Sunday and was very threatening to him, my son was devastated by his behavior and I was angry.
  • I went in on Monday to speak to him, he apologized for Sunday’s bad behavior but then implied that i was lying to him and then accused me of not being able to meet The Ark’s special needs, mind you he has no idea just what The Ark’s abilities are or aren’t, has never had a special needs child or worked to get his own children help and have the public school system fail them time and time again. I can’t tell you the nightmare it was or how they demeaned my children fro being lazy or unmotivated or just “average intelligence” I came away from the whole experience very unhappy and disheartened. God-willing I will not have to send my younger ones to a public school. I personally feel that he has some personal issues going on and has projected them onto me and that is quite painful. I’m not going to let him stop me from doing what I am with my children though…..I have no regrets about how we’ve raised my younger set of children, they are turning out to be quite interesting independent people, they may each have a special need but that is ok. I truly believe the the Lord gave these children to me because he knew that I would work with what they needed and do what is best for them. I’m still angry at him and it will be a long time before I feel even remotely comfortable around him. He totally stepped out of bound with me, shows no repentance for it and thinks that he is right and I am wrong! He is very socialist in thinking and I’m such a radical believer in that God gave me a brain to use and make my own decisions! I wish I could erase all the horrid things he said from my brain, sadly it doesn’t work that way.
  • Jasmine and Matt left for Florida on Thursday, that was an extremely rough day for me. I thought I was ready for her to leave and do something positive with her life but I was wrong, all I did was worry about all the things I may have missed telling her. They signed papers yesterday for their apartment and were able to move in even!!! It is right on the beach I think, I have her address to send her Birth certificate down to her, I forgot to give it to her *shakes head*, but she also needs mail coming in her name so that is ok. She told me that the school she wants to go to is right down the street from Matt’s job, so that is another great thing for them. I truly believe that the Lord led them there and that they will be happy and successful! They are going to save us some money for plane tickets for The Ark and Ace, so that they can go visit them in August. We are planning on going down in December once fall semester is over, praying the Lord provides the $$$
  • I made it through school this week and only have one day of school next week!!! so it is a mini vacation for me!!!! Good thing I have lots of things to do, I’m going to go visit my friends Debbie and Adam in Michigan on Friday, *I just talked to Debbie to let her know I was coming for sure, they are excited to see me as am I. I need to make sure I have cash on me for the tollbooths…
  • I ordered most of the kids schoolbooks today so that is done, the Math U See website is not working properly, so I will try them next week.
  • I really want to order my Bosch mixer soon, we really need to get back to eating better. besides the husband really likes homemade rolls!!!
  • School is going fine. lots of work and I have to do lots of studying this week, so I don’t have to do so much while in Michigan.
  • When I get a chance I will upload photos that i took this week for you all
  • Oh yes, The Princess has grown another 3/8″ in the last 4 weeks. This is great news for her scoliosis! The more she grows the more her spine straightens out. I have to find time to watch the video I got from the library~ Yoga for Scoliosis, and see if that will help her. apparently, there are stretches to help her spine de-rotate and both the Chiro and I feel that if her spine de-rotates it will allow it to straighten a bit easier.
  • It was warmer here this week, so the kids walked to the church Thursday night to play basketball!!! I freaked out when I heard that The Ark, Ace and their friend Mikki, had my little ones walking that far, I called the youth director right away and they were just getting there, so I drove directly to the church after school and watched them play. The boys’ skill has improved greatly in just a few weeks from playing there. Yesterday, we packed up the kids and got them to the park to run around and get some fresh air. The boys are desperately hoping the weather is warm enough for them to walk up again.
  • Well, I guess I should get off here and get a shower, boys have basketball games today back to back so I have to go to the Arks game.

4 thoughts on “What a week!!!

    • Thanks!! I am feeling much better about Jasmine leaving now!! I doubt I will ever feel better about the Pastor thing, though I’m determined to
      keep praying and making the best decisions for my children irregardless of his biased opinion.

  1. I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with some of these issues, ones that you should have to expect. We will all have to deal with children growing and moving that is expected but the mess with your pastor just seems way over the top, certainly not something I would expect.

    Stay focused on Jesus and know that He’ll walk this path with you, carrying you at times, so that soon you will be over this trial and be stronger in Him because of it.

    • Somehow, you just never seem to quite understand how hard it is for them to grow away until that moment arrives 😉 as for the pastor? it was way over the top and I’m still struggling to deal with it all. But Jesus is always there for me, so I know that we will survive yet again, in spite of the naysayers. Thanks for your support. I truly appreciate it.

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