Scripture and A Snapshot

And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.

This is my very favorite bible verse, and has been since I read the Jesus Creed. I want to fix my living room up one day and put that verse on the wall over my desk. I know that my photo doesn’t even begin to match this verse, but there is something about the love in Mary as she holds her son for the very last time, I wonder what she was thinking? Was she angry at God for her son’s death or did she do what the verse above says? I like to think that she accepted Jesus death for herself and all of us and was not angry. That perhaps she knew that Jesus was fulfilling his role in both life and death. It takes so much strength for us to remain strong and faithful in the Lord especially during those hard times. Thankfully, the Lord gives us both the strength and the love we need in order to love Him back.


7 thoughts on “Scripture and A Snapshot

  1. I think the love that we have for our child is the closest we can come to realizing how much God loves us. This picture definitely portrays the fullness of love and was a beautiful choice.

  2. I also often wonder what Mary thought all throughout her life. In relation to this image, I personally like to think that she did struggle with Jesus’ death – I can’t imagine any mother wholeheartedly accepting their son’s brutal death, even for something as amazing and world changing as it was. But either way we look at it – she ended up trusting God and His plans…and that’s the point! 🙂

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