next year’s schoolbooks

Let’s do this by subject so I can make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.

Math~ All of the kids use MUS~
The Ark will be doing Pre-algebra Honors
Ace is finishing up Gamma by June and then moving onto Delta, *he is still behind in math*
The Princess just started Beta, so it will be awhile before I need to buy her a new book,
The Peanut will be moving onto Alpha by mid June.
Science~ The Ark will eventually finish General Science, will move onto Physical Science when he does.
The rest will be finishing up Zoo2 *we got stalled here* and then we are taking a break from Zoology to study Human Body and Anatomy. Start date undetermined.

History~ we will work our way through MOH v.2 finishing it up late July, early August, taking off a week or so before starting up MOH v. 3. We really like MOH, it is interesting to the boys and since we are only doing it MWF and while it will take us longer, we are much less stressed out about it.

Latin, we are still struggling here, but starting to move along a bit better, we will finish up LFC A and then move on to LFC B, no breaks in this subject except for maybe a week between books, they forget too much of it if they get a long break. I’m still waiting on The Peanut’s book so I can start the two youngest on Song School Latin, hopefully by Monday, since Fedex is saying a Saturday delivery.

Art~ we will continue to use Mark Kistler’s site and I’m getting them his book Drawing in 3D.
Music~ for now we will continue with Music Ace, eventually I want to buy that piano program that is so $$$$

Reading, we have that covered for the younger ones easily. The Ark has The Crown and Covenant Trilogy, Arms and Armor, Brethren: A Tale of the Crusades, Red Falcons of Tremoine, Secret of the Scribe and Sword and the Circle: King Arthur & Knights, and there is always time to add more if he finishes these.

The Ark will also add in The Art of Argument this upcoming year, I think that since he likes to argue, he should know how to appropriately.

They must learn the Greek Alphabet!!!! it is very important in statistics!!! We are using the story book, The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker for the intro and then following through with ??????

Language Arts~ this is the hardest for me to find something that we like. This year we are trying out Sandi Queens Language Lessons.
The Ark is doing Lang. Lessons for the Secondary Child v. 2
Ace is doing Lang. Lessons for the Elementary Child v. 1
The Princess will use Lang. Lessons for the Very Young v. 1
The Peanut will use Lang. Lessons for Little Ones v. 2
I picked this curriculum because it adds in narration, classical artworks for narration, writing letter’s, haiku’s, limericks etc. as well as all the grammar they will need. The lessons are short, which is much needed here and follow what my goals for their lang. arts study is: mainly integrating art and real life into the study. Grammar is a necessary evil and I want it to be as interesting as possible.

Spelling~ we are still using Sequential Spelling, it has worked the best for my special needs kids and they have learned to spell better but also to read better because of it. Now if we could just get to it every day. We are on lesson 85 today and there are 180 lessons!!! *sigh* we may be doing spelling all through high school at this rate but it is all good. There are a total of 7 levels, The Ark may get through 5 or 6 of them.

Phonics~ The Princess is going to continue with Explode the Code online and I will add in MCP Plaid Phonics B & C as needed, at least C for sure since they cover a lot of reading skills like dictionary, etc.
The Peanut is going to finish out his two books of Explode the Code, his Lang. Arts reviews consonant sounds and introduces short vowels. We still have some explode the code books for him to use if necessary. Trying to decide if I should just use Veritas Press again but I’m not sure. I really need to think about that some more. On second thought or is it the third? fourth? I think we will use the Lang. Lessons for little ones and then follow up with VP if needed.

I’m not sure yet how much of a summer break we are taking this summer, I think the Ark will be doing science all summer, Ace and the Princess will be doing math, The Princess~ phonics, so it may be a summer of 3 weeks on, 1 off in order to catch up and not stress out too much. I know the boys will get off in July since they will be at camp.

Ok, enough rambling for now, i have to go study for my own classes.


6 thoughts on “next year’s schoolbooks

  1. We have done Sandi Queen’s Language Lessons books and I liked them for the reasons that you stated. This year I am using “First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind” by Jessie Wise and liking it very much. It has diagraming, which Queen’s books don’t (if I remember correctly).

    I love Sequential Spelling! It has worked wonders for Zack. His spelling and reading have improved a bunch since using that program. We are not that far ahead of you…only on lesson 97, which means we may do spelling all summer!

    Good plan. Your upcoming package may have something to help with Art as well!

    • Thanks for all the great info….we have Growing with Grammar for diagramming, so that is covered for us. at least for the next year or so. I’ll supplement if we need to. I’m so glad that you have used Lang. Lessons, I was hoping it was as good as it sounded! Yes, SS is a life saver for us as well!!! The best program for helping spelling AND reading! and it is so easy to do. I can’t wait to get the package, I love getting surprises!!!

  2. Looks good! (Can’t offer any insights, though, because I have never used ANY of the stuff you are using! Funny!) I’m usually planning for next year by now, but I’m afraid we’re going to have another not-so-stellar year. We’ll probably work through the summer and still won’t need new books until October. I’ll look on the bright side – I have many months to save up my money.

    • that happens to us frequently, but somehow this year we have stayed a bit more on track, and even with schooling through the summer many of our subjects will be done or almost done by fall, hence the buying now. I like to have the books in house, so that no matter what happens I have them….kind of weird probably but it is who I am. I save for home improvement projects instead!!!! *sigh*

  3. You’re getting a big jump on planning!

    Let me know what MUS stuff you need and I’ll see what I have left and send it to you….if you’d want it.

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