Update on last post

We went to visit the Godparent this past Saturday, and as we were leaving I mentioned that we were going to go with Ohio State Waterproofing and Larry (godfather) said that many of his home repair clients and been shafted by them, that OSW, finds loopholes so that they don’t have to fix a leaking basement. So when we got home we called and left a message saying we wanted to cancel our contract with them. The husband called again today and repeated it, so on Weds. the guy is coming for us to sign a paper officially canceling the order. Now we have to go through the whole process again but hopefully with better results. Our guy who does our auto repairs, gave the husband a name of a guy that does good work, so we will call him and try to make an appointment, I think we also have ot have the sewer pipe under the house replaced, so we are going ot pay off a couple of bills and then apply for a home equity line of credit with my daughter’s bank, hopefully getting less interest and that would be great, maybe allowing for more work at the same price we would have paid. I’m a bit less stressed now.

Today’s schooling has been rough, we still have reading, drawing and a latin test for Ace and The Ark, The Princess and The Peanut have math and phonics to do still. I hope tomorrow goes better, since I have to leave at 10:15am. and who knows what time I will get home, it depends on what time I get out and what traffic is like and add in winter weather.

Well, that is all for the moment….have to crack that proverbial whip on the little ones.


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