Today we sat down with a finance person for getting the basement fixed. The price tag on that is $11,500 or thereabouts over the next 10 years. I am going to pay off the credit card and the windows so that I can use that money to pay for the basement. It comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. We are doing the outside and the inside and putting in an ezbreathe system which I’m praying will help with the husbands emphysema. He keeps having attacks and they tire him out so much. I just stress out so much when I have to do all of this money stuff. But I know that this is a major home improvement and will increase our home value for if we wanted to sell. It will also be so nice to have a clean dry basement with fresh air down there. Although I don’t know how it is supposed to work, the ezbreathe system should help with the air in the whole house.

The downside is that I can’t put in more new windows for a bit of time unless we get a windfall of extra money this year. That bothers me a bit but I really need my basement up and running. It will be so nice for the kids to be able to play down there with their friends without the worry of a flooded basement. We will paint the walls  this summer hopefully making it homey for them, eventually I would like to put down new tile there. I’m not looking forward to doing the work though. We are going to have to move everything out of the way, and put in another electrical outlet for something or another.

Ok, this is not even making me feel any better writing it out. The husband is so excited and I’m stressing…..I guess I should be looking at it as if the financing goes through that it is the Lord’s will but I’m not there yet. I’m not sure I wanted to join my friends Donna and Sheri in their home repair statuses!!!!


3 thoughts on “Stressed…….

  1. Oh come on, join us! We’ll keep you in good company. I feel your stress though. Just keep in mind that you’re making a better and healthier home. Basements can be nice when they’re done right….Hugs

    • Kristy~ they certainly are….I love where we live and this is all we can afford right now, so while I’m grateful for what we have I wish we didn’t have to do so much to get it up to decent standards. We still have plumbing work to do, more windows, eventually a new roof and a kitchen remodel one day. But that is what happens when you buy a repo, because you can’t buy a newer, in better condition house.

      Sheri~ thanks for the encouragement!!!! We went with this company because of their reputation and the lifetime warranty. I know that this will improve our life both in health and more room. It is just the stress of it all. Oh well, I have to warm up the van and go get the teen from confirmation class.

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