Happy New Year

I spent some time thinking about resolutions and decided that I want more than just a temporary change, so instead of resolutions I thought that Goals might be a better idea, now I just need to decide what my goals for this year are…this might take me awhile so don’t expect them quickly.

I know that I really want to make some changes in our homeschool life, I started working on a new schedule for us, where the boys would get off during swim team, which is 6-7 weeks then working until The week of Thanksgiving and taking the rest of the year off. We will also have a week off for spring break, the week I get off from the Univ. still giving them plenty of time off but breaking it up a bit differently. I have known for a long time that once Thanksgiving hits, we are burnt out and so needing a break, and with my trying to get through the last two or three weeks of school, and then Christmas the kids are so unfocused that we never seem to get much of anything done anyway. It gives us about 14-15 weeks off just split up differently. I might have to add in a day here or there for mental health but hopefully this schedule will work out much better for us.

My next goal is too pay off our new windows and get our grocery spending under control so I have some money to start saving for a few more new windows, or do some more updating on our wiring or something. I also want to see if we can refinance our van so that we have a bit extra money every month so that I can make a few more repairs. I would so love to tear up our warped and destroyed wood floors and replace them with tile floors in the dining room and kitchen. I don’t think that it will happen this year but, I can dream…..

I am probably going to buy the bosch mixer and possibly a nutri-grain mill, I really want to make some changes in our eating styles, now if the kids would just get on board with me. I hope to teach them how to make their own bread, we pay almost $3. a loaf of bread and not for healthy bread either……I have cut way back on our trans fat but now I need to cut back on high fructose corn syrup. My kids love breads, so if I can get them to eat healthier grains, I would be happy.

I am hoping to get a wii fit so that they can do some exercising during the week, the boys play basketball but the Princess needs more exercise and I am hoping to get her interested in the yoga and pilates, for her scoliosis. I know that exercise has to be fun for me, so I’m guessing that it works that way for my kids. We also need to get the boys new bikes so that they don’t have to walk everywhere and their friend Lucas moved a bit farther away, so it would be nice for them to bike there instead of asking for a ride all the time. I really think I need to make a list of wants and needs so that I can decide what and when things are bought. Sometimes, making those decisions between wants and needs is so hard and also balancing giving the kids things to impact their lives in a positive manner but not spoiling them.

Well this post covers, schooling, eating and exercising….I think this a good start for now.


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. You are right…goals are better than resolutions. I did 101 Goals in 1001 days a few years ago and was able to accomplish over half of them and made good progress on the rest. It was fun to do!

    You sound like you have good goals. I like Wii Fit…it is fun and motivating and when I exercise (HA!), it’s often what I choose.

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