The Year in Review~ 2010

January saw me starting at University of Akron, taking 9 credits, getting 2A’s and a B, leaving me with a gpa of 3.556 for my first semester, good enough to make the part time Dean’s list. The Princess started back to art lessons, while the boys just kind of hung out for a time.

February~ was boring, just the normal of college classes, homeschooling and sick children in the house. Although I did order the kids homeschooling books that month.

March~I spent alot of time looking at my life and being thankful for the many blessings I have. Spending some time with the youth director at church, and working on my youth group at the church.

April~ wow, I didn’t do much writing at all during this month, I think I was so overwhelmed with the drive to and from UA, that I was too tired to do much of anything except for study.

May~ found me relieved, to be taking a break for the summer and no classes, I took the Princess to the Princess Tea Party at the Amish Door, She also did rangerettes for the month of May but got stressed out by it and we decided to wait another year to see if she would go back.

June~ found me swamped in the summer madness of swim lessons and swim team, trying to balance 6 children and a husband’s needs. The Peanut turned 5, we bought a newer van~ a 2008 honda odyssey.

July~ found us driving to Camp Mowana 2x for the Ark and Kendra to go to church camp. They both had a fabulous time and are going back this year……We also did the kids homeschool evals and then got ice cream for an old fashioned shop to celebrate. I also finally merged two of my other blogs into one place for my ease. Oh yes, we did put in 5 new windows and 6 new glass block windows in the house as well as updated the fuse box to a circuit breaker system. Oh yes, Jasmine graduated a year early… taking two classes, one in night school and the other in summer school.

August~ found us giving support to one of the Godparents~ Ace’s godfather, the husband of all of the kids godmother was in the hospital with very severe heart issues that resulted in surgery, and then another surgery to put in a pacemaker as his heart didn’t want to resolve it’s rhythem issues on it’s own. I also had to start back to UA, I took 12 credits this semester, while trying to help everyone out and stay above the waves that I felt like were trying to swamp me.

September~ found us back in the church routine, i had taken off the summer to recoup, The Ark started confirmation classes, I was back to bible study and running my youth group.

October~ saw us dealing with the 5 birthdays, a grouchy mom, lots of stress on my part from the long days away, stress on the Ark to help babysit until I got home. October was a blur, and I remember very little except for taking one nature hike with the family and getting my iPhone 4.

November~ was yet another blur, except for being swamped with classwork and trying to keep the kids somewhat on track. I made Thanksgiving dinner, and finished up most of my semester work that week. Although I wasn’t sure I would survive it all.

December~saw me finishing up the semester with a 4.0 and raising my GPA to 3.810. Which is great. Then I spent most of this month baking, cleaning, decorating, helping out Renee. We did family photos.scanning the photo to upload for you to see. The husband and I went to a party, read an advent reading at church and I even stopped by the mil’s xmas eve so that she could see the kids all dressed up. We then came home and spent time with Renee and her girls, Jas and her boyfriend Matt. I took Darius to the 11pm service so we could bring home the husband.

This photo looks so much better in person. The last few days you know all about since I’ve written about them. The only thing I’ve done is work on a bit of purging things, organizing and wroking on planning the kids schoolwork so we can start on monday.
Not a bad year but I’m glad it is over since it was at times stressful, praying for a calmer more organized year, with both the kids and I doing well in school. I start up school on Jan. 11, but it is only 2 days a week, although they will be very long days. I’m taking 12 credits over 3 classes which seems almost manageable but two of those classes are supposed to be really hard. I may not be around much again until May.

3 thoughts on “The Year in Review~ 2010

  1. You are right…it does sound busy and stressful and crazy. You have so much on your plate. But you have handled it well and are accomplishing so much. What a great GPA. Keep it up! It will all be worth it in the end.

  2. I totally agree with Kristy, what a year but you handled it all with the grace of a true lady. 🙂

    I loved the Christmas photo card. You have a beautiful family.

    • Thank you, I really enjoyed sending out cards this year.
      I made it through this year by the grace of God and wonderful friends like the both of you

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