The Christmas Holiday and it’s aftermath

We have been so busy lately……The Godmother showed up on Dec. 23, which resulted in cleaning, since her visit was short notice, and the husband and I had been out doing last minute shopping. It went well and she enjoyed her present…..a photo of the two youngest and Dove chocolates * her favorites*.

Christmas eve found the husband and I, grocery shopping that is a pain to do anytime much less Xmas Eve. But we survived and made it home in time to do some cooking and get him to the church. I cam home and got ready for the 5pm service. It was my daughter Renee and her two daughters, then the 5 kids at home. We take up a whole front pew since they are the shortest. The service was nice. Then I dropped off Kendra at home, to spend time with Renee. I ran the kids to the mil’s house so that they could see the kids all dressed up in their Christmas finery. We didn’t stay long since the kids were being shy and I had a houseful of people at home. But I think that the mil was happy to see us even for that short of a visit.

Since I knew that we would be busy on Christmas day, Renee and I did the exchanging of gifts on xmas eve. The granddaughters loved their gifts and that made me happy.

I went back to church for the 11pm service since the eldest son wanted to go and this way we could bring home the husband. I was glad we did even though I wasn’t feeling very good since it was frigid outside and he would have had to walk otherwise. The service was nice even the second time around. We hung around while the husband did some last minute things and made it out of the church at 1am. We walked into only two sleeping kids: The Peanut and Kendra. Jasmine and her boyfriend Matt were up watching a movie with the others. We shuffled some of them to bed, it took forever to get them to sleep. I fell asleep while the husband did the present and stocking thing. He finally came to bed a bit after 3am. We slept in until almost 9am. Then started waking up children. It was a bit rough.  I was not feeling good by then.

So the husband packed up the kids to go see his mom while I stayed home, waiting for my adopted sister to call and let e know when she could come for a visit. She finally made it over by 5;30pm. We fed her and opened gifts and visited for a bit. Then we decided to play dominoes with the kids. It was Matt, Jas, Katie, The Ark, Ace and myself with Kendra teaming up with me later. The game was a bit rowdy but we had a great time and ended it by 11pm. Then we all went to bed. I still wasn’t feeling great.

The husband took the Ark to church since he was accolyting this morning. I stayed in bed, and fortunately none of the other kids woke up until after they were home again. I stayed in bed until 12pm, which is so unusual for me but at least I don’t feel like a walking zombie anymore.

I got the kids to play games today and start the puzzle I want to do and then hang in the boys room. It is going to take some serious work and the boys are not good at puzzles yet. Now, I’m just waiting for the husband to get up so I can go curl up in bed and watch the Highlander.

Tomorrow I have the granddaughters coming for the day and need to get some serious cleaning done. Along with a bit of organizing done, I also need to get back to reading that book, and do some planning for the kids. Since we start back to school on Jan. 03…….we get a week to work out the kinks before I start back to school. So much to do so little time and energy.


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