Dots… is easier

  • We had a bad school week, we are so burnt out at this moment, that except for reading daily, we gave up. They will have to double up for a bit until we can get back on track, but it will be worth it.
  • I made truffles for the party the husband and I went to last night and for the youth bake sale for tomorrow at church.
  • Last sunday my Kids 4 Christ group met and we watched Charlie Brown Christmas…..the kids loved it, then they went and shot hoops in the gym.
  • Tomorrow, we are doing the advent reading, I split the reading up and The Ark is reading the first part, while I will finish it. The husband gets to light the wreath.
  • We did family pictures yesterday, I will be sending out xmas cards when the photos come in, so if you want a photo card of us, please email me your address.
  • We got up into the attic for the Princess present, on monday the Ark and I will be wrapping gifts while the husband takes the kids to see my mil.
  • I”m hoping to make peanut butter cookies, raspberry thumbprints and russian tea cakes and maybe mini cheesecakes. I would love to make a pumpkin roll if I have time. Tomorrow I will make a list and get my ingredients together and just do a massive baking.
  • I need to clean off the table maybe tonight, if I get motivated. I’m not feeling great right now, although better since I took a nap.
  • i still need to get the husband another gift but have no idea what I’m getting him.
  • The husband might be working from tonight until friday morning, be off from his main job but will work at the church for xmas eve from 4pm until about 1am. But this year he does not have to work Christmas day, and that is nice.
  • well, I guess I should get motivated to do something, maybe cleaning off the table at least.

2 thoughts on “Dots… is easier

  1. We did the advent reading this weekend at church also. We had to do it at the 8:30am service. The boys were not happy to be woken up at 7:30am to get there on time.

  2. We had to get up at 7:15 and our service doesn’t start until 9am….it took that long to get 7 of us ready for church!!! The Ark did a fine job, even with his dyslexia and speech problem.

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