I’m cold!!!!

Have I mentioned more than a million times that I hate cold weather? I thought so but it bares repeating since it is only a whopping 26* right now.

We are so out of sync that I’m seriously going to have to revise our school schedule for next year. Once Thanksgiving hits we are seriously burnt out and can barely get anything done during the holidays, and I’m part of the problem. I work so hard during the semester trying to keep us on track that once I”m done, I’ve lost any motivation and desire to do anything else. Add money problems to the mix and I don’t want to do the Holidays.

The house is decorated though, although it needs some work still, like my desk but I hate to even think of tackling that problem yet. It is nice to walk though my bedroom and hallway now. I have one tote that needs me to go through it downstairs, the Christmas totes are back in the basement or garage so one can walk through the kitchen, I think we need a bigger tote for the science supplies though so that they are all in one place and out of my way.

I still want to put up rope lights in the big window and then leave them up until spring. I need some cheerfulness somewhere in the darkness of winter. I wish I had a place to burn some candles safely, they always cheered me up in my old house.

I think we should make my daughter’s favorite meal for her today, it is a chicken stew type meal and it is warm and homey. Perfect for a cold day.

I hope I get some motivation, since I wanted to do some baking and cooking for freezing so we would have some fast foods in the freezer. like breakfast burritos and muffins and french toast or waffles or pancakes, you know things that make life seems so good. I need to see if I can make the dough for rolls in a big batch and freeze them so I can just pull them out and bake them when I need some. That would be nice, I am not liking the rolls we used to buy all the time.

Still waiting for my last two grades to post…..hopefully tomorrow, I hate waiting, I am not a patient person.

Some random thoughts ahead:

I need a new desk, one that is shorter and i need a better filing system, which means that I need to go through the two filing cabinets I have and get rid of things unneeded and reorganize the stuff that has to be saved, in other words a huge project….maybe I’ll just start with my desk and the small filing cabinet I have next to it.

still trying to decide if we will do MOH v.3 before I switch the Ark back to Sonlight for his last 5 years of schooling, he is tired of ancient history so maybe a break is needed, although v. 3 covers the era of 1455 to 1707, which he would find interesting. I glanced briefly at the Sonlight catalog again and could possibly do MOH v. 3 then American History, followed by 20th world history for 9th grade and then do Civics/American Government for 10th grade, back to a world history for 11th grade and finish up with British Literature for 12th. which would almost work…..or maybe I should just get the books in the house and then have him decide what he wants to study for a bit, maybe he will just read MOH on his own, saving me the stress of planning, although I do not like the topic or books for Sonlight’s 9th grade year, causing a slight problem for me. Well, after going ot the board of education and finding their requirements for graduation, he only needs 3 credits: and at least 1/2 of civics/government and 1/2 of american history. So we can finish out the MOH v. 3 for 8th grade, and follow the above listed ramblings for the rest of his high school career, without stressing me out horribly. Now to write it down for future reference.

enough rambling….should go do something constructive, like work on that tote at the bottom of my steps.


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