Well, gee that was a short break…..

I checked my school email account today only to see that my psychology of women prof. had already emailed us about reading a book before the semester starts, to get a headstart……So I sent the husband to get it from the library, I’ve already read the intro and it is going to be sad, even with the positive endings. It is Half The Sky:Turning Oppression Into Opportunity For Women Worldwide. I’m kind of glad that I’m reading this now while I’m home so I can rant and cry and hopefully get it out of my system before I have to discuss this book in a classroom full of people.

It took all day to do latin, history, grammar, reading, spelling, math and one chapter of the God King!!!! Hoping that tomorrow goes better for us. The ark has a science test, and both boys have a latin test. It will be a long day. The Princess is watching videos at Michaels about crafting, the Peanut is complaining because I won’t let him play video games. I want to throw them in the trash at the moment~ the games not the peanut.

I also downloaded the first chapter of my text for psychological tests and measures, so I’ve started reading it, I wish that i could buy my books now but I can’t until my financial aid comes in January. So, my grade are not even posted and here I am studying for spring semester!!!!

Still need to get some work done around the house, but it is coming along. I only have the big picture window to put plastic on, hopefully tomorrow. I know we hope to get lights on the tree as well. We have been doing some more organizing and cleaning. For the first time in months one can walk through the upstairs hallway without tripping over a basket of toys or dirty clothes. I still have tons of clothes to hang up on my dresser but I need hangers in order to do that. I also need to clean out my closet to hang up said clothes. Although some of said clothes belong to the Princess and have to go into to room.

I”m reading Family Under the Bridge to the little ones, it is a cute Christmassy story, after that i hope to read them the Light at Tern Rock. The Ark is reading Usborne’s The World Wars for fun, however I wish he would just finish up the Phantom Tollbooth and write the report already. Adrien is reading Harold and the Purple Crayon~ don’t ask me why, but he really likes it and at least he is reading something. The Princess finally finished up book 1 of I Can Read It by Sonlight, so she has moved onto book two, let’s hope it doesn’t take her as long to read. I caught her drawing shirt designs the other night. She missed art lessons yesterday, she just didn’t feel well enough to go, next monday is her last for at least a month. Giving us a much needed break.

We have enough snow to shovel finally and we managed to get the kids out to play in it, even the Princess who doesn’t like to play outside at all. I hope I’m that lucky tomorrow.

We still have so much to do and I’m running short on desire and energy. I don’t think I realized how much I put into my classes this semester or the toll of the commute and homeschooling the children, while trying to be active in my church. I seriously need to stop doing something but what? It won’t be homeschooling, or college, so that leaves, church activities for a while.

Ok, well I want to go look for a lapbook for The Family Under the Bridge for the littles to work on.


One thought on “Well, gee that was a short break…..

  1. I clicked on your blog and thought that I had hit my own for a minute! I love this theme 🙂

    I hope that you have a good break from the bulk of your schooling. I am sorry that you have a book to read already…and a very depressing book at that. Find time to relax, get caught up on life and spend with those kiddos. Don’t work too hard!

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