Glory Be…’s an update!!!

Where to start? It has been another busy week here. I had two exams, a group presentation, a homework and a paper to write for the end of the semester stuff. I have an A in criminology and it is posted already, the email from my social psy prof. said I have a 96% there, so no final to take. I have 266 points out of 300 in Quantitative Methods but that doesn’t count my extra credit, once that is added in I have 284/300 which is an A, so no final to take there either. My Careers class doesn’t have a final but I had to write a self exploration paper and have to turn in the hard copy tomorrow. So I drive 50 minutes to drop it off and then come home. I don’t understand why she can’t just let us email it to her and then she can print it out. But I have an A in her class currently, so I’m not worried. I just can’t wait to see what my new GPA is and hoping it is at the magic number of 3.7 for graduate school. Now I need to spend some time studying for the GRE, so I can get really good grades on it. I heard I need at least 650’s on each portion of the test for clinical psychology. Not an easy task but so worth it.

I put plastic up on most of the old windows but still need to finish. Sadly, with this headache that is not happening today. I also have to plan the kids schoolwork for the week……so much to do. I wish I had some energy. Tomorrow, after i drop off the paper I’m hoping to stop by a doll store and see if they have any of the Life of Faith doll clothes left, they are not making Life of Faith dolls anymore and we had bought the Princess one 4 years ago and saved it for her. Well, since money is sparse this Christmas, we are giving her the doll but it would be nice if we could get her an outfit marked down for it as well. Auntie Katie, gave her the clothes she bought for her, and boy was she excited!!!! We had found a black shrug that was marked down on Black Friday, so she will be perfectly decked out for the holidays and I’m so excited. We were rearranging the living room yesterday, I will post pictures after we are done and the tree is up. I’m hoping that the husband will be able to pick up a tree today so we can decorate it tomorrow.

Well, I need to go do that planning…..I don’t really want to but that is life, I will be happy when we have a week that goes smoothly because I did the work.


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