It has been a long week…..

I’m very tired, still not sleeping very well. It’s been such a long week…..we lost our newest cat for 3 days. Kids were heartbroken. But the husband came home and there was Ninja….making us very happy. We’re back to having problems with Kendra, I’m not a happy mom at all right now. Hoping she gets with the program again soon, but seriously doubt it, she is too influenced by her father who we all know is not honorable at all. The Lord is gracious though, he knew that I needed some encouragement and my dearest friend who is really an adopted sister found a dress for the Princess for xmas and bought it for her, as well as tights and shoes. So the Princess will be decked out beautifully for Christmas……I’m so grateful to “Auntie Katie” as the kids call her and the Lord for giving me the best sister in the world and providing an outfit, The Princess was so sad last night when I told the kids that we wouldn’t be able to do much celebrating for Christmas. She specifically mentioned a new dress….I tried to reassure them that it would be ok and that they know that the purpose of xmas is celebrating Christ’ birth, but to a 7 yr old, dresses are important, even to this 46 yr old mom. So when Katie texted me out of  the blue with a photo of a dress and asked what size to get. I was in tears, then I called her back and we talked for a bit before my class, I told her what was going on and it was nice to cry a bit and get some much needed love and support.  Katie will be up for Thanksgiving and bringing the dress with her to surprise the princess…..and we are supposed to do an advent reading, so she will get to wear it more than once, although that is not a problem, because of her scoliosis, she wears her dresses for a very long time.

We also sold the escort, we had but needed too many repairs so we sold it to someone who wanted it for hopefully enough money to put new tires on the van, which would be great before it gets to snowy here. I’m forever amazed at how the Lord provides for us. In the midst of my chaos, the Lord is reminding me that I’m not alone and that in spite of my “vast mistakes” as the new song by Tenth Avenue North says, He still loves me and is right there.

So tonight I will spend some time with my kids, and relax. Get up hopefully refreshed to do schoolwork and  do a great deal of studying over the next few days. Good Night All!!!!


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