A brief respite from school life

I went out to lunch with my friend Robin, since we hadn’t had lunch for ages. It was great to take that brief break and I got to use her expertise in sociology to help me decide on the paper i have to write for criminology this week. As well as toss an idea at her about my future career choices.

I think the Lord is leading me to go into corrections after grad school. I was sitting in my careers class and the Prof. goes through all the different career fields available for psychology majors. She mentioned that with a grad, degree one could work in corrections and that field is growing and the median income is 6 figures. Well, the income is appealing as is the growth of job placement. But the thing that caught my attention is that I could have a broad career base and still work with women who really need me. I’m not the private practice type of counselor. I truly want to make a difference in many women’s lives and I just don’t have the patience to work with women who are superficial or who have the money to pay for private counseling. I am loving my criminology class and have just as much love for sociology as i do for psychology and this seems to be a way of combining the two nicely. So for the rest of my college career I will be taking as many classes that are women based and corrections based as possible. I’m also going to be looking for an internship in the corrections field for next year. I have also come to realize that I may not graduate next spring like I wanted to but have to move it back to December of 2012 due to the amount of upper level classes I still need to take with the classes that are required yet. This frustrates me but give me more time to do an internship and study for the GRE and get a competitive score on it.

We took the kids to Boo at the Zoo and had a great time last night. The kids came home tired but so happy at having time with both mom and dad and something fun and exciting to do together. I posted photos on my Facebook page for you to see.

Our school week was a bit out of control this week since I had two exams but hopefully we can get back on track this week. We are hoping to be done with MOH v. 1 before Christmas and the boys are doing fairly well on math, grammar, and reading. Latin is coming along slowly but better than before. We signed the boys up for basketball this winter. I hate it when they sit around and do nothing. The Ark is doing well in confirmation, although he still complains about it. I just ignore him. Ace wasn’t sure about playing b-ball but he didn’t get a choice. The Princess is still taking art lessons and getting better at art and loving every minute of it. The peanut is great at math and horrid at phonics, I hope he is not dyslexic like his dad and older brother.

Well, I really need to either do some research for a paper that is due Nov. 09, or study ANOVA’s and don’t ask me what they are yet, I haven’t a clue.


One thought on “A brief respite from school life

  1. That sounds like an interesting career field. You are like my daughter in not wanting to work with the average, whiny, complaining adult. She wants to do something with abnormal or criminal psych as well. She still says that she will be able to graduate in the spring. We will see.

    I signed my youngest up for Basketball as well. Like you said, he needs to do something to get moving.

    Boo at the zoo looked fun. Glad that you could all do that together.

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